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    Movies saved at Crew United

    2015Das kalte HerzFeature Film
    2010In DarknessFeature Film
    2009Simon and the OaksFeature Film
    2006OvernightFeature Film
    2006Twentyone MoabitDocumentary
    2006Leaps and BoundsFeature Film
    2006Black IceFeature Film
    2006MDR Sputnik - Radio ZombiesCommercial
    2005Metamorphosis - What lurks on the other side of mortality (WT)Feature Film
    2005Shipwreck RudyFeature Film
    2005MyCare - Meine ApothekeCommercial
    2005Mickey & MariaShort Film
    2004EllektraFeature Film
    2004Liebes SpielFeature Film
    2003Berlin Linien Bus GmbH - 8 Mal täglich. Je 3 Stunden.Commercial
    2002Run OverShort Film
    Ausführende Prod.
    Feature FilmAusführende Prod.
    2002MilchwaldFeature Film
    2001Panasonic - Quante StelleCommercial
    1999StrelitzShort Film