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Sara Arrhusius, intimacy coordinator, Stockholm
  • Intimacy coordinator
Born 1990 (33 Years)


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About Sara Arrhusius

Sara Arrhusius (they/them) is a Sag-Aftra recognized intimacy coordinator primarily working with film and series to establish consent-based work environments, brave spaces, and exciting storytelling. Before certifying as an intimacy coordinator, Sara pursued a BA in Social Anthropology and a MA in International Performing Arts. Since then, Sara has coordinated over 50 projects, for all major platforms worth mentioning including Netflix and Svt.

At the heart of Sara’s practice lies an interest for how psychological safety can create better work processes and creative results. To support that vision Sara’s expertise has become three-fold: creative, health/safety focused and administrative. Among other things Sara is trained in dramaturgy, physical theatre, clowning and urban dance, not to mention conflict resolution, mental health first aid, and trauma informed care.

Sara is a co-founder of the organization the intimacy collective, providing support for the Indian film industry, and recently participated in the certification of five new Intimacy Coordinators together with the Intimacy Lab and Intimacy Professional Association. Sara is looking to continue an international career and hopes to join hands with people with different expertise and skill sets across the globe. Expanding perspectives on gender and sexuality will continue to be their focus and primary motivation.

Movies as intimacy coordinator

2023Paradise Is BurningFeature FilmMika GustafsonHobab [se]
2022The StoreFeature FilmAmi-Ro SköldIndyca [it]
2022One More TimeTV Movie, NetflixJonatan EtzlerBreakable Films [se]
2022Young RoyalsTV Series, NetflixRojda SekersözNexiko [se/no/dk]
2021Young RoyalsTV Series, NetflixRojda SekersözNexiko [se/no/dk]

Basic data

Experience abroadNorthern Europe: Finland, Norway, Sweden
South Asia: India
Southeastern Europe: Greece, Rumania
Western Europe: Netherlands
Special skillsKind, effective and witty
Own equipmentIntimacy Kit
EducationCertification - Intimacy Coordinator, Safe Sets and SAG-AFTRA recognized
Masters degree - International Performing Arts, Stockholm University of the Arts
Bachelor degree - Social Anthropology and Identity studies, Stockholm University
Collage degree - Dramaturgy and scriptwriting, Biskops Arnö Folkhögskola
Other skills - urban dance, acting, clowning, somatic and trauma informed practice.
Preferred place of workEurope and India
Immediate working areaStockholm
1st residence (federal state or country)Sweden