Projects saved at Crew United

    2018Kalte FüßeFeature FilmDIT digital imaging technician
    2016Generali - LebenssituationenCommercialDIT digital imaging technician
    2016VakuumFeature FilmDIT digital imaging technicianOnSet Dailies Colorist
    2016Unter deutschen BettenFeature FilmDIT digital imaging technicianOnSet Dailies Colorist
    2015Captain America: Civil WarFeature Filmvideo playback operator1.Unit Germany Utility
    2015RenegadesFeature Filmvideo playback operator2. Unit Qtake up to 7 Cameras
    2015ShatteredShort FilmDIT digital imaging technician
    2014ColoniaFeature Filmdce data capture engineer
    2014Beyond WordsShort FilmDIT digital imaging technicianQtake und LiveEdit
    2014Kentucky Fried Chicken - DOP Irresistible (WT)Commercialvideo playback operatoriPad livestreaming
    2014Constructa - EinfachCommercialvideo playback operator
    2014Mercedes-Benz - CLA. Record, The Kind (WT)Commercialvideo playback operator1.2km wireless
    2014Fack ju Göhte 2Feature FilmDIT digital imaging technician
    2014Kentucky Fried Chicken - DOP Irresistible (WT)Commercialdata wrangler / digital loaderiPad livestreaming
    2014Point BreakFeature FilmDIT digital imaging technician4 days 2. Unit & Heli Unit
    2014Hofbräu - Das Experiment (Wettbewerbsbeitrag Hofbräu Trophy)Commercialboom operator
    2014Vernel Venus - Skin ProximityCommercialvideo playback operator
    2014funny-frisch - 2377 (aka Schweinsteiger) (WT)CommercialDIT digital imaging technician
    2014Beats by Dr. Dre - Game Before The GameCommercialvideo playback operator2 cameras, iPad Livestreaming
    2014Samsung - CMC2 (WT)Commercialvideo playback operatorLiveOverlay, iPad Livestreaming