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SFX-Manufaktur GmbH: Pyrotechnics, SFX Special Effects (general), snow and winter special effects, Weapons (SFX), wet down / rain sfx
  • Pyrotechnics
  • SFX Special Effects (general)
  • snow and winter special effects
  • Weapons (SFX)
  • wet down / rain sfx


Bernd Wildau
Hainbuchenstraße 1814554  Seddiner SeeGermany
Mobile+49 157 86911288
Phone+49 33205 254065

    About SFX-Manufaktur GmbH

    If you are looking for SFX Berlin and Brandenburg, SFX Manufaktur is the first port of call when it comes to creating extraordinary special effects and astonishing the audience.
    SFX Manufaktur brings the necessary know-how, expertise and technical equipment to create impressive effects. The team of SFX experts works closely with directors, producers, prop makers, scenic and stage designers, and other creative minds to understand the visions and requirements of the project and turn them into spectacular effects. Close collaboration and mutual understanding plays a key role in achieving the desired result.

    SFX Manufaktur has the advantage of being located in the vibrant city of Berlin and Brandenburg. Berlin is a melting pot of creativity and home to numerous film productions, plays and events. The SFX company benefits from the variety of talented professionals, artists and technical resources available in the city. By engaging local networks and collaborating with other industry experts, SFX Manufacture is able to develop innovative solutions and push the boundaries of what is possible.

    Another crucial factor in SFX projects is safety. We attach great importance to professional execution and compliance with strict safety standards. Especially for effects involving pyrotechnic elements, smoke or water, careful planning and implementation is of utmost importance. SFX Manufaktur has experienced pyrotechnicians, fire safety officers and first responders to ensure that effects are used in an even safer and more controlled manner.

    Known for

    Film projects

    2024Familie Bundschuh - Wir machen Camping (WT)
    SFX-Manufaktur GmbH
    TV-Movie (Series), ZDF [de]Franziska Meyer PriceZiegler Film GmbH & Co. KGSFX-Manufaktur GmbH
    2024Pressure (WT)Series PilotWesley Howard4 Corners Cinema Production, Wesley TC Howard [de]
    2023Die schönste Bescherung (WT)
    Spezialeffekte SFX
    TV Movie, ARD [de], Degeto [de]Karin HeberleinBantry Bay Productions GmbHSpezialeffekte SFX
    2023Harter Brocken - Die Erpressung (WT)
    SFX, Waffen
    TV-Movie (Series), ARD [de], Degeto [de]Hanno OlderdissenOdeon Fiction GmbH (formerly H&V Entertainment GmbH)SFX, Waffen
    2023Harter Brocken - Die Erpressung (WT)
    Special effects, SFX
    TV-Movie (Series), ARD [de], Degeto [de]Hanno OlderdissenOdeon Fiction GmbH (formerly H&V Entertainment GmbH)Special effects, SFX
    2023Das zweite Attentat (WT)TV Series, ARD [de], Degeto [de], WDR [de]Barbara EderEikon Media GmbH [de]
    2023Into the Dark - Hunting Shadows
    Special effects
    TV Movie, ARD [de], Degeto [de]Alexander DierbachHager Moss Film GmbHSpecial effects
    2023Cash (aka Haram) (WT)
    Special effects
    TV SeriesMultipleW&B Television GmbHSpecial effects
    2023Kein Tier so wild / No Beast So Fierce (WT)
    Spezialeffekte, SFX, Waffen
    Feature FilmBurhan QurbaniSommerhaus Filmproduktion GmbHSpezialeffekte, SFX, Waffen
    Special effects, SFX, Weapon
    TV Series, NetflixMultipleZeitsprung Pictures GmbHSpecial effects, SFX, Weapon
    2023Die Bachmanns - Mädchen gegen Jungs (WT)
    Special effects
    TV Movie, ZDF [de]Miriam BlieseMadeFor Film GmbH [de]Special effects
    2023Sechs auf einen Streich - Das Märchen von der Zauberflöte
    Special effects, SFX
    TV-Movie (Series), ARD [de], WDR [de]Marvin LitwakFynal AGSpecial effects, SFX
    2023Sexuell verfügbar
    Special effects, SFX
    Series, ARD [de], Degeto [de]Ulrike KoflerMajestic Filmproduktion GmbH [de]Special effects, SFX
    TV Series, ZDFneo [de]MultipleIconoclast Films Germany GmbHSFX
    2023Wo wir sind, ist oben
    TV Series, ARD [de], Degeto [de], Sky [de]MultipleIsarstraßen Film GmbH & Co. KGSFX
    Spezialeffekte, SFX
    TV Series, ZDFneo [de]MultipleBantry Bay Productions GmbHSpezialeffekte, SFX
    2023Der Usedom-Krimi - Schlepper
    Spezialeffekte SFX
    TV-Movie (Series), ARD [de], Degeto [de], NDR [de]Grzegorz MuskalaPolyphon Film GmbHSpezialeffekte SFX
    2023Der Usedom-Krimi - Geburt der Drachenfrau
    Spezialeffekte SFX
    TV-Movie (Series), ARD [de], Degeto [de], NDR [de]Grzegorz MuskalaPolyphon Film GmbHSpezialeffekte SFX
    2023Der Usedom-Krimi - Friedhof der Welpen
    Special effects
    TV-Movie (Series), ARD [de], Degeto [de], NDR [de]Grzegorz MuskalaPolyphon Film GmbHSpecial effects
    2023Die Heiland - Wir sind Anwalt
    Spezialeffekte SFX
    TV Series, ARD [de]MultipleOlga Film GmbHSpezialeffekte SFX


    Company data

    Bernd WildauBernd has made it his mission to successfully transform desired scenes into images. With his many years of experience and his fine sense for details, he quickly finds solutions that often lead to the desired result with simple means. His passion for the profession shapes the professional realization of all customer requirements for film, television, advertising and stage. Even after more than 27 years, his enthusiasm remains unbroken. Bernd's talent for bringing ideas to life with creative solutions makes him a valued partner in the industry.
    Function: SFX Supervisior, Master of Arms, Designer
    Manuela MeierAs Head of Department, Manuela always has customer satisfaction in mind. For her, it's not just about empty promises, but about a trusting and reliable collaboration. She makes sure that SFX Manufaktur always gives its best, because highest quality, commitment and reliability are for her the cornerstones of a successful partnership.
    Function: Head of Department
    We - The SFX-ManufakturThe location of our SFX Manufaktur is Berlin and Brandenburg, from where we operate nationwide and even worldwide. Contact us now! We take the time and advise you comprehensively.

    Our team has more than 27 years of experience and has already successfully implemented numerous films, series, advertising projects, stage shows and much more. By asking specific questions, we can quickly assess the scope of the pyrotechnic effects required in your project. We take all factors into account to enable the best solution within your budget. We create visual SFX masterpieces that beguile the senses and amaze the eyes.
    Experience abroadCentral Europe: Czech Republic, Poland
    North Africa: Morocco
    Southern Europe: Italy, Spain
    Southeastern Europe: Greece
    Date of company foundation2021
    Permanent employees5
    Immediate working areaHead office: Berlin