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Reihe 6 | ©Bidzina Gogiberidze, Lennart Hüper, Jonas Schmieta
©Bidzina Gogiberidze, Lennart Hüper, Jonas Schmieta

Row 6

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    Short Documentary | 2018-2022 | Austria, Germany

    Shooting data

    Filming regionsGeorgia

    Project data

    Length of movie25min

    Brief synopsis

    When the war between Russia and Georgia started Robinson and his son were working as drivers in Armenia. When they returned, the border to their homeland South Ossetia was closed for Georgians by Russian forces and the rest of the family remained on the ossetian/Russian side of the demarcation line. Robinson, his son and his grandchildren Robiko and Barbare have been living together in Tserovani, Georgia's largest IDP village, ever since. At the beginning, it was only meant to be a temporary solution, but the relationship between Georgia and Russia is frozen. Thoughts of their homeland, South Ossetia are omnipresent in Tserovani, but there is a new generation growing up. Robiko and Barbare only know South Ossetia from stories. While Robiko dreams of becoming a Georgian judo champion, Barbare admires her YouTube idol Emili.
    The documentary Row 6 observes a family torn apart by war. A life caught between the memories of a better yesterday and the dreams of a new generation.


    Director of photographyLennart Hüper
    Director of photographyJonas Schmieta
    Sony FS 7
    Sony FS 7
    DirectorLennart Hüper
    DirectorBidzina Gogiberidze
    EditorJana Libnik
    ProducerJonas Schmieta
    ProducerLennart Hüper
    ProducerBidzina Gogiberidze
    Sound re-recording mixerHenning Großmann
    Sound designerHenric Schleiner

    Production companies

    Rubensfilm, Lennart Hüper [at]

    Distribution / Sales companies

    Sixpackfilm [at]
    international sales
    international sales


    Award winnerYearAwardCategory 
    Lennart Hüper2023Diagonale - Festival of Austrian Film [at]
    Documentary Short
    Documentary ShortNominated


    2023AustriaDiagonale - Festival des österreichischen Films