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    Movies saved at Crew United

    2022ElbowFeature Filmproduction accountant
    2018CunninghamDocumentary Featureproduction accountant
    2017Sunset Over HollywoodDocumentary Feature, SWR [de]production accountant
    2014Imagine Waking Up Tomorrow Morning and All Music Had DisappearedDocumentary Featureaccountant
    2014Age Of The GloryIndependent Feature Filmproduction accountant
    2013Above and BelowDocumentary Featureproduction accountant
    2012This Lovely Shitty LiveDocumentary Featureproduction accountant
    2012As Time Goes By in ShanghaiDocumentaryproduction accountant
    2009SwansFeature Filmproduction controller
    2008Pink Taxi (WT)Documentaryproduction accountant
    2008Endstation der SehnsüchteDocumentaryproduction accountant