Projects saved at Crew United

    YearTitleGenreRoleSpoken by
    2021The Performance (WT)Indie Feature FilmFugler [L]
    2018Once Upon A TimeTV Series, ABC [us]Mr. Gold / Rumpstiltskin [SS]
    2016T2 Trainspotting
    Gudo Hoegel
    Feature FilmFrancis 'Franco' Begbie [L]Gudo Hoegel
    2014The Legend of Barney ThomsonFeature FilmBarney [L]
    2011Once Upon A TimeTV Series, ABC [us]Mr. Gold / Rumpstiltskin [SS]
    2009The TournamentFeature FilmMacAvoy [L]
    2007I Know You KnowFeature FilmCharlie [L]
    2007SummerFeature FilmShaun [L]
    2005EragonFeature FilmDurza [L]
    2005Class of 76TV Movie (multi-part)DI Tom Monroe [L]
    2005Human TraffickingTV Movie (multi-part), Lifetime [us]Sergei [L]
    2003Dead FishFeature FilmDanny Devine [L]
    2003Hitler - The Rise of Evil
    Jacques Breuer
    TV Movie (multi-part)Adolf Hitler [L]Jacques Breuer
    2001Formular 51Feature FilmFelix DeSouza [L]
    1999The BeachFeature FilmDaffy [GS]
    1996Carla`s SongFeature FilmGeorge [L]