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Documentary | 2010

Shooting data

Number of shooting days5

Project data

Length of movie340
Aspect ratioTV 16:9 (1 : 1,78)
Sound formatdts (5.1, 6 channels)


    ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
    Kyle SchmidHenry Fitzroy (Blood Ties) [L]
    Charlie BewleyDemetri-Volturi (Twilight) [SR]
    Gil BirminghamBilly Black (Twilight) [SR]
    Jed Brophy(Lord of the Rings, Xena) [SR]
    Louis CordiceBlaise Zabini (Harry Potter) [SR]
    Lori Dungey(Lord of the Rings) [SR]
    George HarrisKingsley Shacklebolt (Harry Potter) [SR]
    Julia JonesLeah Clearwater (Twilight) [SR]
    Alex Meraz(Twilight) [SR]
    Dylan NealMike Celluci (Blood Ties) [SR]
    Craig Parker(Legend of the Seeker, Lord of the Rings) [SR]
    James PhelpsFred Weasley (Harry Potter) [SR]
    Oliver PhelpsGeorge Weasley [SR]
    Bruce Spence(Legend of the Seeker, Lord of the Rings, Mad Max) [SR]
    BooBoo StewartSeth Clearwater (Twilight) [SR]
    Natalia TenaNymphadora Tonks (Harry Potter) [SR]


    Vision mixerUlli Naefken
    Vision mixerCornelia Wiegand
    Director of photographyPeter Kozana
    Studio camera operatorStephan Thömke
    Studio camera operatorPia Storck
    Studio camera operatorAnne Finke
    Studio camera operatorJulia Altermann
    Studio camera operatorCathrin Kirsch
    Studio camera operatorJohannes Juchem
    Studio camera operatorAlexandra Schober
    Steadicam operatorAlexander Theodossiadis
    DirectorAlexander Theodossiadis
    EditorAlexander Theodossiadis
    ProducerDirk Bartholomä
    ProducerAlexander Theodossiadis
    Production sound mixerAlexander Theodossiadis
    Sound re-recording mixerAlexander TheodossiadisDVD DD5.1

    Production companies

    Intex Digital Sound

    Distributing companies

    FedCon GmbH [de]


    Image/EditingIntex Digital Sound
    Sound (Postproduction)Intex Digital Sound