Projects saved at Crew United

    2018Strawberry MomentsIndie Feature Filmscreenwriter
    2018Strawberry MomentsIndie Feature Filmdirector
    2012LikeShort Filmco-director
    2012Women´s QuotaShort Filmscreenwriter
    2011Wand vor der WandFeature Filmproducer
    2011Wand vor der WandFeature Filmdirector
    2011Wand vor der WandFeature Filmscreenwriter
    2010Randgänger / Lifes of Limits (WT)Feature Filmeditor
    2010Randgänger / Lifes of Limits (WT)Feature Filmscreenwriter
    2010Randgänger / Lifes of Limits (WT)Feature Filmdirector
    2010Across the Mile (WT)Feature Filmco-director
    2010NotsleeperShort Filmdirector
    2010HappinessShort Filmdirector
    2004KatharsisFeature Filmscript reader