Series Pilot | 2013 | Science Fiction | Germany

Shooting data

Number of shooting days5
LocationsLudwigsburg, Marbach, Stuttgart

Project data

Picture formatWidescreen Europe (1 : 1,66)
Picture material negativeARRI RAW
Picture material positiveARRI RAW
Sound formatDolby surround (4 Kanšle)

Brief synopsis

In 2089, Sojus, the last remaining mega city on Earth is ruled by the Communist Party.

Seven decades from now, the beloved Comrade General Secretary ELISABETH VON LUDWIG struggles to keep her son and only heir ATTILA VON LUDWIG on the socialist track and away from his lover, the democratic rebel and hacker ROSA PRYCE.

Twenty yers after the Third World War, the nature and planet's resources remain devastated. Almost all resources of the megapolis Sojus are focused on generating fresh air and synthetic food as well as developing artificial intelligence.
The future communist system with its basic income for all, serial brain chips, digital landscapes in communistic cyberspace and streamlined vouchers for food and gas are small, singular steps towards the ultimate goal: the socialist ideal of a peaceful and responsible society. In order to fit into that path, the human being is to be guided into self-awareness - with all means.


ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
Franziska BenzSnake [L]
Tinka FürstRosa Pryce [SS]
Anja S. GläserOfficer [L]
Jacqueline Macaulay
Elisabeth von Ludwig [SS]
Trystan PütterAttila von Ludwig [SS]
Thomas ZerckHacker [L]
Shaun LawtonAlbert Reuss [SSR]
David SteffenAbbas [SSR]


Director of photographyJulia Schlingmann
Scuba dopSven Fink
1st assistant cameraPeter JägerArri Alexa
2nd assistant cameraFabian Speth
Extras/bit player castingAnnika Birgel
Costume designerChristina Geiger
Costume designerChristina Chelaru
DirectorChristian Werner
1st AD (local system)Mario Roemer
2nd AD crowd (local system)Annika Birgel
ScriptKristin Franke
GafferManuel Dolderer
ElectricianCarina Neubohn
ElectricianNils Gabelgaard
ElectricianTill Beckert
Lighting assistantJoschka Olma
Makeup artist / hair stylistAnna Katharina Michel
Freelance producerClaudio Franke
Freelance producerMark Szilagyi
Production designerDaniel Herrmann
Assistant production designerMark Zechner
Assistant set decoratorTimo Nonnenbroich
Set manager/ floor managerMoritz Helmes
ScreenwriterBarbara Anticevic
Production sound mixerAna Monte
Boom operatorAljoscha Haupt
Boom operatorJohannes Kunz1 Drehtag
Surround sound recordistLuis Schöffend
Surround sound recordistAna Monte
Sound supervisorAna Monte
Sound re-recording mixerAna Monte
Sound designerAna Monte
Foley artistLuis Schöffend
3d artistDaniel Herrmann

Production companies

Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg [de]


Cameras and UtilitiesAirsourceoneUnterwasseraufnahmen, Coaching