Projects saved at Crew United

    2015VW - Thank You. Mothers DayCommercial
    2010Fettes Brot - Falsche EntscheidungMusic Video
    2008N-Joy Radio - Frech und FreundeCommercial, NDR [de]
    2008Hellsongs - Symphony of DestructionMusic Video
    2007Wellaflex - Volume (Layout)Commercial
    2007Sony PlayStation Portable PSP - Hund & MeerCommercial
    2006Ferris MC - Düstere LegendenMusic Video
    2005Tic Tac Toe - SpiegelMusic Video
    2004MTV Ringtone - Der Tanz der KakerlakeCommercial
    2004MTV Ringtone - Roque 2Commercial
    2004MTV Central - Campari Casting TourCommercial
    2004TV-today - TV-WalkerCommercial
    2004Mobilcom - PopstarsCommercial
    2003Disco Boys feat. Roberto Blanco - Born to be AliveMusic Video
    2003Wonderwall - Song for youMusic Video
    2003Beginner - FäuleMusic Video
    2003MTV - Campus Invasion 2003Commercial
    2003MTV Ringtone - Underpants 2Commercial
    2003Knorr - SnackbarCommercial
    2003Bremerhavener Bürgergemeinschaft - Die StimmeCommercial