Projects saved at Crew United

    2021BeskoDocumentaryassistant editor - sound
    2018Mia and the White LionFeature Filmsound editor
    2015Conny Plank - The Potential of NoiseDocumentary Featuresound designer
    2015The TaleFeature Filmsound designer
    2015The TaleFeature Filmsupervising sound editor
    2014WildFeature Filmsound designer
    2014Coming InFeature Filmsound effects editor
    2014The Lies of the VictorsFeature Filmsound designer
    2014Goodnight MommyFeature Filmdialogue editor
    2014Der KochFeature Filmdialogue editor
    2013WestFeature Filmsound designer
    2012WestFeature Filmsound re-recording mixer
    2012Nighttrain to LisbonFeature Filmsupervising sound editor
    2012Nighttrain to LisbonFeature Filmsound designer
    2012Hannah ArendtFeature Filmdialogue editor
    2011Hannah ArendtFeature Filmsupervising sound editor
    2011Paradies - GlaubeFeature Filmdialogue editor
    2010Dreileben - Eine Minute DunkelTV Movie, WDR [de]sound designer
    2010Die UnsichtbareFeature Filmsound designer
    2010Die UnsichtbareFeature Filmsound re-recording mixer