Report (Series) | 2021 | RB - Radio Bremen TV [de] | Germany
The project "Rabiat - Republik der Angst" has been editorially approved, but continues to be regularly reviewed, updated and supported through to release by our editors. Please inform us of missing, false or outdated data.

Main data


    Eng cameraFlorian Linke
    Eng cameraFrederik Klose-Gerlich
    Eng assistant audio/videoLennart Lang
    Eng assistant audio/videoDavid Haarhaus
    DirectorKatja Döhne
    EditorEike Bartsch
    ProducerManuel Möglich
    ProducerChristian Tipke
    Production managerLeonardo Re
    Production managerMichael Kappler

    Production companies

    Sendefähig GmbH


    TypeCountryStationDate / TimeComment
    First showingGermanyRB - Radio Bremen TV [de]Monday, 11/10/2021, 10.50 PM