R.A.I.D. Special Unit

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    Feature Film | 2016 | Action, Adventure, Comedy | France


    Brief synopsis

    Johanna Pasquali is a female cop unlike any other. Distracted, dreamy, and clumsy, from a purely policewoman point of view she is awfully nice but totally useless. Although endowed with real skills (shooting, hand-to-hand combat, police intitution, etc.), her clumsiness makes her a danger for criminals, the greater public, and her colleagues.
    Assigned to dangerous missions such as badly parked vehicles and shoplifting, she constantly trains during her free time in order to make her dream come true: to be the first woman to join the elite R.A.I.D unit.
    Accepted at the R.A.I.D training center for obscure and political reasons, she finds herself in the hands of officer Eugène Froissard, the most misogynist and vulgar of all the R.A.I.D officers. This improbable duo is given the task of arresting the formidable Leopard Gang, responsible for major robberies in the streets of the capital.
    But before being able to arrest the gang, the pair must already manage to work as a team without killing each other during training and field missions, each more incredible than the last.


    ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
    Alice PolJohanna Pasquali [L]
    Dany BoonEugčne Froissard [L]
    Michel BlancJacques Pasquali [SR]
    Yvan AttalViktor [SR]
    Sabine AzémaMarie-Caroline Dubarry [SR]
    Patrick MilleÉdouard Dubarry [SR]
    François LevantalPatrick Legrand [SR]
    Anne MarivinThe psychologist [SR]
    Florent PeyreOlivier Lopez [SR]
    Alain DouteyBernard Dubarry [SR]
    Urbain CancelierThe President [SR]
    François VincentelliEric Scherz [SR]


    1st ADNicolas Guy
    2nd ADAurélien Chevalarias2nd Unit
    3rd ADAurélien Chevalarias
    Post production supervisorVirginia Anderson
    ColoristFabien Pascal
    Director of photographyDenis Rouden
    2nd unit dopOlivier Mandrin
    Camera operatorManu AlbertsB cam
    Steadicam operatorManu Alberts
    1st assistant cameraMarie-Laure Prost
    1st assistant cameraDidier Shockaert
    Still photographerDavid Koskas
    Costume designerLaetitia Bouix
    DirectorDany Boon
    Script supervisorIsabelle Perrin Thévenet
    EditorÉlodie Codaccioni
    Key gripBruno Durand
    Drone pilotDamien Vicart
    GafferDirk van Repelberg
    ComposerMichaël Tordjman
    ComposerMaxime Desprez
    ProducerJérôme Seydoux
    Co-producerPatrick Quinet
    Delegate producerÉric Hubert
    Production designerHervé Gallet
    Construction gripClément Taxu
    Production managerBruno Morin
    Assistant location managerMarine Thurotretakes
    Production assistantMarianne Knecht
    ScreenwriterSarah Kaminsky
    ScreenwriterDany Boon
    IdeaDany Boon
    Production sound mixerLucien Balibar
    Sound re-recording mixerThomas Gauder
    Sound editorGillaume Bouchateau
    Stunt coordinatorAlain Figlarz

    Distributing companies

    Pathé [fr]


    Cameras and UtilitiesNext Shot
    Cameras and UtilitiesSAS Damien-VicartDrone Alta 6 + Alexa Mini avec Point/Diaph à Vaux le V. et BA
    GripCinesyl [fr]
    Lighting and UtilitiesTranspalux [fr]


    Theatre releaseFranceWednesday, 01/02/2017