Projects saved at Crew United

    2021Vortex (WT)
    Quad Drama
    Limited series, France 2 [fr]Quad Drama
    2021Les Combattantes (WT)
    Quad Drama
    Limited series, TF1 [fr]Quad Drama
    2020Meurtres en BerryTV-Movie (Series), France 3 [fr]
    2020The Perfect Mother
    Quad Drama
    Limited series, TF1 [fr], ZDF [de]Quad Drama
    2019Meurtres en pays cathareTV-Movie (Series), France 3 [fr]
    2019Beyond BarsTV Series, M6 [fr]
    2019BMW - Choose Your XCommercial
    2019BMW X6 - ChooseCommercial
    2019Peugeot 208 - For those ahead of their timeCommercial
    2018The Bonfire of DestinyLimited series, TF1 [fr]
    2018New Biz In The Hood!Feature Film
    2018Ballsy GirlFeature Film
    2018Murder in Moselle
    Fantastico Quad TÚlÚvision
    TV-Movie (Series), France 3 [fr]Fantastico Quad TÚlÚvision
    2018The SpecialsFeature Film
    2018Schmidt Kitchens - Mountain. Vertical HomeCommercial
    2018Queens of the FieldFeature Film
    2018Victor Hugo, Enemy of the State
    Limited series, France 2 [fr]Fantastico
    2018Samsung - QLED 8K. Perfect RealityCommercial
    2017Mémoire de sangTV Movie, France 3 [fr]
    2017Just a Breath AwayFeature Film