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Pyi Pye

  • Greener Pastures - Im Schatten der Hoffnung (Working title)
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Documentary | 2013-2016 | Germany

Main data

DirectorTin Win Naing
ProductionPerennial Lens

Shooting data


Project data

Length of movie72 Min.


Director of photographyTin Win Naing
Director of photographyAung Ko Ko
DirectorTin Win Naing
EditorMelanie Sandford
Additional editorJessica Ehlebracht
Co-Schnitt mit Melanie Sandford
Co-Schnitt mit Melanie Sandford
ComposerDerek Baird
ProducerYasmin C. Rams
ProducerRodney Charles
Associate producerMelanie Sandford
Production sound mixerIvan Horák

Production companies

Perennial Lens