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Purpur_Plakat | ©DanielDornhöfer2020
Independent Feature Film | 2020-2022 | Drama | Germany

Shooting data

Start of shooting05/02/2020
End of shooting03/03/2020
Filming regionsGermany - Baden-Württemberg

Project data

Length of movie104 Min.
Aspect ratioCinemascope (1 : 2,39)
Sound formatdts (5.1, 6 channels)

Brief synopsis

In 2017, the FFA (German Federal Film Board) published its study "Gender and Film," which highlights gender inequality within the film business. Not only is there a great inequality between men and women behind the camera, it is also apparent in the film itself based on dialogues, roles and the plot line. Women are not trusted with leading positions and the image of females that is transported is often outdated and one-sided. "Purpur" is an experimental examination of gender issues in the film business and tells the story of a film character who rebels against an outdated image of women and a discriminatory system.

Isana is the fictional main character of a film production. She continuously receives instructions in the form of script pages that dictate how she is to behave in the next scene. Invisibly, the pressure of successful commercial exploitation lies on the production, which the director and producer must guarantee. But inside of Isana, an inner conflict becomes more and more noticeable: she wants to break out of the classic, romantic concept of the love movie, the life that has been prescribed for her, and determine it for herself. Her protest becomes stronger and stronger and the production threatens to fail, leading to a conflict between the creators of Isana and her world, the director and the producer. In a surrealistic way, the story of the film, the characters and the nature of the production are constantly questioned. Driven by existential fears, all eventually become perpetrators but also victims of an exploitative and marginalized power system.


ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
Hannah ElischerIsana 3 [L]
Romane Meutelet
Isana 4 [L]
Kaya Marie MöllerIsana 1 [L]
Jannik Mühlenweg
Heinrich [L]
Ivy LißackIsana VI [SR]
Agnes MannCamille [SR]
Theresa MartiniDirector [SR]
Michael Marwitz
Ferdinand [SR]
Brigitte Urhausenn.n [SR]
Li YuanIsana 7 [SR]
Clara BraunIsana 8 [SR]
Julia Meier [1]Isana 2 [SR]
Jannek PetriProduzent [SR]
Dunja BengschMadame & Isana 5


Post production supervisorBoris Creimerman
3d artistQuirin Thalhammer
3d artistVictor van Wetten
Director of photographySophie Reißfelder
1st assistant cameraPauline Cemeris
1st assistant cameraBoris Creimerman
1st assistant cameraQuirin Thalhammer
Still photographerDaniel Dornhöfer
Costume designerMascha Dilger
Costume designerNaomé Tahmaz
Costume designerRustam Faradzhev-Khoshnavaz
Costume designerKatja Koch
DirectorIsabelle Konrad
1st AD (local system)Rustam Faradzhev-Khoshnavaz
EditorSebastian Schönfeld
EditorIsabelle Konrad
GafferYael Kolb
GafferJoshua Winkler
First Half of the Project
First Half of the Project
GafferMarkus Krebser
Lighting technician / electricianBenedikt Maximilian Hartlieb
Lighting technician / electricianSimon Niedermaier
Lighting technician / electricianPaul Schlösser
Makeup artist / hair stylistNelly Corsten-Weckel
Assistant makeup artistLaura Schäfer
Assistant makeup artistsJin Wang
ComposerRobert Creimerman
ProducerIsabelle Konrad
Production designerJosephine Leicht
Production designerJohannes Bauer [1]
Production designerAlejandra Janus
Assistant production designerChristoph Michel
Assistant production designerPatrick Scislowski
Assistant production designerLina Determann
ArtworkJulia Serena Unseld
Construction managerJohannes Bauer [1]
Food stylistKristof Knauer
Assistant production managerLennart Polach
Unit manager (local system)Carina Obrecht
Unit manager (local system)Laura Popic
Unit manager (local system)Till Gombert
Set runnerHannah Adam
ScreenwriterIsabelle Konrad
Subtitle translationBrigitte Hardt
Surround sound recordistTibor Pilz
Sound mastering engineerTibor Pilz
Sound designerPhilipp Randt
Sound designerNiels stehwien
Foley artistPhilipp Randt
Pr photographerDaniel Dornhöfer

Production companies

Hochschule für Gestaltung Karlsruhe (HfG) [de]


Award winnerYearAwardCategory 
Isabelle Konrad2022Mannheim Arts & Film Festival [de]
Gender Equality, Issues & Rights
Gender Equality, Issues & RightsWinner
Isabelle Konrad2022Boden Int. Film Festival - online edition
Best Female Filmmaker - Sept.
Best Female Filmmaker - Sept.Winner


2023GermanyMannheim Arts & Film Festival
September Edition
September Edition
2022SwedenBoden International Film Festival