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    Projects as producer

    2019Catrice Cosmetic - How to (Make Up Tutorials 2019/1)TutorialSandra Jakisch
    2019Marc Cain - Mysterios Women. Anny Diva. Dalad Kambhu. Ulla Holthoff.CommercialSandra Jakisch
    2019Tom Tailor x Nena & LarissaCommercialLisa Pollmann
    2018Christ - Love is unlimitedCommercialDamien Vignaux
    2018Marc Cain - Mysterious Women. Kathrine SwitzerCommercialSabrina Hubert
    2018Catrice Cosmetics - How to (Make Up Tutorials 2018/2)TutorialSandra Jakisch
    2018Catrice Cosmetics - How to (Make Up Tutorials 2018/1)TutorialSandra Jakisch
    2018s.Oliver - RED Label, Boots, QSCommercialViktor Sloth
    2018Marc Cain - Mysterious Women. Douce SteinerCommercialSabrina Hubert
    2018Marc Cain - Mysterious Women. Anna von BoetticherCommercialSabrina Hubert
    2018Gerry Weber - Eva Herzigova. Spring/Summer 2018CommercialFrederick Gomoll
    2018Marc Cain - Mysterious Women. Juliane EllerCommercialSabrina Hubert
    2018Marc Cain Mysterious Women - Helga HenggeCommercialSabrina Hubert
    2018Christ - Ringe. Love is unlimitedCommercialDamien Vignaux
    2017Catrice Cosmetics - Galactic Flash oder Colour Splash? (Interactive Video)CommercialDamien Vignaux
    2017Catrice Cosmetics - How to (Make Up Tutorials 2017/2)TutorialDamien Vignaux
    2017Catrice Cosmetics - How to (Make Up Tutorials 2017/1)TutorialDamien Vignaux
    2017Marc Cain - Mysterious Women. Georgette TsinguiridesCommercialSabrina Hubert
    2017Gerry Weber - Eva Herzigova Autumn/Winter 2017CommercialFrederick Gomoll
    2017Zazi Vintage - The Future is FemaleImage FilmSandra Jakisch

    Company data

    Date of company foundation2011
    Immediate working areaHead office: Berlin