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    Movies saved at Crew United

    2022Mc Donald's - Monopoly ist zurück!Commercialdirector of photography
    2022Cheerio* - Der Cheerio* SongCommercialdirector of photography
    2021FitX - For all of us. Do you feel X?Commercialdirector of photography
    2021Sky - Testimonial Campaign 2021Commercialdirector of photography
    2020Sky - Verona PothCommercialdirector of photography
    2019Basler Versicherungen + Baloise Bank SoBa - Zusammen einfach besser (WT)Commercialdirector of photography
    2018Mentos Dragees - BookwormCommercialdirector of photography
    2018Snickers - Oliver Kahn. Autokorso
    Alexa Mini / Kowa Anamorpic
    Commercialdirector of photographyAlexa Mini / Kowa Anamorpic
    2018Die Fantastischen Vier feat. Clueso - Zusammen
    s16mm (Kodak Vision3) / RED Weapon
    Music Videodirector of photographys16mm (Kodak Vision3) / RED Weapon
    2018What remainsShort Filmdirector of photography
    2017Dawn's Mystery - Put that Gun away
    RED Weapon, Cineovision, s16mm
    Music Videodirector of photographyRED Weapon, Cineovision, s16mm
    2017Swisscom - VR
    RED Weapon, Kowa Ana, POV Cam
    Commercialdirector of photographyRED Weapon, Kowa Ana, POV Cam
    ARRI Alexa, Cooke, Crane
    Short Filmdirector of photographyARRI Alexa, Cooke, Crane
    RED Weapon, 1 Drehblock/ Athen
    Documentarydirector of photographyRED Weapon, 1 Drehblock/ Athen
    2017Lenzerheide - Dimitry & Andy (Webfilme)
    RED Weapon, Optica Elite
    Commercialdirector of photographyRED Weapon, Optica Elite
    2017StuCard - Card on Phone
    RED Weapon, Lomo Primes
    Commercialdirector of photographyRED Weapon, Lomo Primes
    2017Fahrschule CH - Autostopp & Autosex (2 Onlinespots)
    RED Weapon, Kowa Anamorph
    Commercialdirector of photographyRED Weapon, Kowa Anamorph
    201720min - Dein Leben, Deine Story
    RED Dragon,Kowa Anamorphic, UWG, Ausland
    Commercialdirector of photographyRED Dragon,Kowa Anamorphic, UWG, Ausland
    2017Bataleon - Surfer (WT)
    RED Dragon, Kowa Anamorphic
    Commercialdirector of photographyRED Dragon, Kowa Anamorphic
    2017Mozart Recycled
    RED Dragon, Leica-R, Ausland
    Documentarydirector of photographyRED Dragon, Leica-R, Ausland