Projects saved at Crew United

    2005DaimlerChrysler AG - S-Klasse VIPCorporate Filmdirector
    2005Mercedes-Benz - S-VIPCorporate Filmdirector
    2005Mercedes-Benz - F600 Tokio 2005Corporate Filmdirector
    2005EnBW AG - Marken-TrailerCorporate Filmdirector
    2005EnBW AG - Hannover Messe 2005Corporate Filmdirector
    2005Mercedes-Benz - S-Klasse DynamikCorporate Filmdirector
    2005Mercedes-Benz - S-Klasse DesignCorporate Filmdirector
    2004Mercedes-Benz - Menschen hinter der A-KlasseCorporate Filmdirector
    2003Mercedes-Benz - F500 MindIndustrial Videodirector
    2002Mercedes-Benz - Pre-SafeCorporate Filmdirector
    2001Mercedes-Benz - F400-CarvingCorporate Filmdirector
    2001Mercedes-Benz - A-Klasse FaceliftCorporate Filmdirector
    2000Marcedes-Benz - Das Atego-KonzeptCorporate Filmdirector
    2000Mercedes-Benz meets Vanessa Mae - The Power of CMusic Videodirector