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Perseverance | ©Helios Sustainable Films
©Helios Sustainable Films


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    Independent Feature Film | 2013-2017 | Experimental, Fiction | Germany, Italy, Serbia

    Brief synopsis

    Perseverance follows fatal events - birth, love (first crush, first passion and mature love), to conflict endings - those of stories and relations, some voluntary, some imposed,. Presented events mark the main characters, they change their perception of life. The stories span the world and the last 60 years of our time. They are not formally connected, the characters from one do not appear in other stories, and their narratives are separate but create a larger one, like a painting composed of various motifs gains specific meaning once you see it as a whole.

    Life has to be lived. And that is why we have to persevere.


    ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
    Marie ZeppSilke Unterkircher [L]


    2nd unit dopMartin Rattini
    1st assistant cameraMike Ramsauer
    Data wrangler / digital loaderEster Seppi
    DirectorMiha Knific
    1st AD (local system)Evi Reich
    Key gripDaniel Mahlknecht
    GafferJonathan Rinn
    ProducerSnezana Penev
    ProducerSinisa Juricic
    ProducerMiha Knific
    ProducerMartin Rattini
    ProducerPatrick Kofler
    Line producerMauro Podini
    Location manager (local system)Kathy Leonelli
    ScreenwriterMarjan Alcevski
    ScreenwriterMiha Knific
    Production sound mixerPatrick Bruttomesso
    Boom operatorDominic Nicholas Rogan