Pavlos Kourtidis, actor, Athens
  • Actor
Born 1971 in Wuppertal Germany (51 Years)

Basic data

DialectsBritish (Standard)
Skills (dance)Contemporary DanceGreek Folk DanceJazzdanceModern Dance
Immediate working areaAthens
1st residence (federal state or country)Greece - Attica
LicencesA (motorcycle) [eu], BE (car with trailer) [eu]


ContactLuisa Held
Phone+49 30 61648296
Mobile+49 176 61547958


Gerantoni 4 - 6117 44  AthensGreece
Mobile+30 6977664272
WhatsAppPavlos Kourtidis

About Pavlos Kourtidis

Pavlos Kourtidis is a Greek actor born and raised in Wuppertal, Germany.
He started to get involved in acting and dancing at a very young age.
He studied at Arts Ed London Schools.
Latest participation in a film :
Languages: Greek (native,) English (fluently), German (fluently)

. "To Kokkino Potami I syneheia" TV SERIES Opentv channel (GR)
Role : Hristodoulou (imdb credit)
Director Manousos Manousakis (GR 2022/23)

•"The Flame of the revolution 1821" Film/Documentary
Role: Theodoros Kolokotronis.
Director Manousos Manousakis (GR 2021)

•"Vardianos sta Sporka" TV series ERT TV channel.
Role: Captain Kostantis (imdb credit)
Director Manousos Manousakis.
Written by Alexandros Papadiamantis. (GR 2021)

•"Krisimes Stigmes" as Role: Radio announcer" (Voice acting - imdb credit)
for TV series ERT channel.
Written by Galatea Kazantzaki and directed by Manousos Manousakis.(GR 2021)

•"Agries Melisses" TV series - Ant1 tv channel S1& S2
Role: Lias (imdb credit) (GR 2020/21)

•"Man of God"
Role: Raggedy Man (imdb credit) (USA 2021)

-"Kala-azar" in 2019 Role ( Security man at crematorium) (ND/GR 2019)

-"Eftyhia" Role : Zeibekiko Dancer (imdb credit)
directed by Angelos Frantzis (GR 2019)

Pavlos is coaching professional actors & dancers in stage movement & expression for more than 20 years.

Known for


1992 to 1994Arts Educational Schools London

Movies as actor

2022To kokkino potami I syneheia (WT)
Hristodoulou [L]
TV-Movie (Series)Manousos ManousakisHristodoulou [L]
2022Vardianos sta sporka (WT)
Captain Kostantis [L]
TV Series, ERT [gr]Manousos ManousakisCaptain Kostantis [L]
2022The flame of the revolution 1821
Theodoros Kolokotronis [L]
Independent Feature FilmManousos ManousakisTheodoros Kolokotronis [L]
Marcos [L]
Teaser (Series Concept)Jasin ChallahMarcos [L]
2021Man of God
Raggedy Man [SR]
Independent Feature FilmYelena PopovicRaggedy Man [SR]
2020Kala azar
Security man [BP]
Feature FilmJanis RafaSecurity man [BP]
2020Άγριες Μέλισσες
n.a. [SR]
TV Series, ANT1 [gr]Lefteris Charitosn.a. [SR]
2019Άγριες Μέλισσες
Lias Vonortas [SR]
TV Series, ANT1 [gr]Lefteris CharitosLias Vonortas [SR]
2019My Name Is Eftihia
Zeibekiko dancer [BP]
Feature FilmAngelos FrantzisZeibekiko dancer [BP]
Father [L]
Short FilmVasilis KalemosFather [L]

Movies as voice actor / speaker

2022Krisimes StigmesTV Series, ERT [gr]Radio Newscaster [SSR]

Speaker engagements

YearTitleProject typeActivityClient
2021Krisimes StigmesTvseriesVoice ActorErt

Other projects

YearProject typeTitleActivityCompany
2021 - 2022MusicalDon CamiloActorMagic dream
2020 - 2021stage playThe clothesActorAbisson production - PKTHEATER
2017 - 2018dance TheatreStyx the goddess of waterCHOREOGRAPHER ACTORPKDC
2016 - 2017dance TheatreLabyrinth - From darkness to lightCHOREOGRAPHER ACTORATHINAIKA THEATRE - PKDC
2015 - 2016dance TheatreHouse Of Bridges - sequel of “Madhouse”.CHOREOGRAPHER ACTORPKDC
2014 - 2015dance TheatreMadhouseCHOREOGRAPHER ACTORPKDC
2012 - 2013dance TheatreDead endCHOREOGRAPHER ACTORPKDC
2010 - 2011dance TheatreFrankensteinCHOREOGRAPHER ACTORPKDC
2009 - 2010dance TheatreSociety SaysCHOREOGRAPHER ACTORPKDC
2007 - 2008dance TheatreThe Step First StepCHOREOGRAPHER ACTORPKDC

Basic data

Height182 cm
Weight86 kg - 189 lb.
Body typeathletic-sporty
Clothing sizemedium
Ethnic appearancesouth european
Hair colourblack
Hair lengthmedium
Eye colourbrown
DialectsBritish (Standard)
Voice typebass voice
Skills (dance)Contemporary DanceGreek Folk DanceJazzdanceModern Dance
Special skillsBoxing , Stage Fighting,
LicencesA (motorcycle) [eu], BE (car with trailer) [eu]
Immediate working areaAthens
1st residence (federal state or country)Greece - Attica
Accommodation possibilitiesAthens, Berlin, Hamburg, London, New York, Nicosia, Wuppertal