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  • Always looking for a new projects! Based in Berlin.
    Hey, guys! I'm Ukrainian director of photography/cameraman/cinematographer.
    Always up for new offers, people and production companies to work with.
    I'm obsessed with light and camera technics which can tell stories in so many different ways. So let's find out the best way for your scenario ;)

    Don't hesitate to contact with me and ask any questions.

About Pavlo Shturniev

Hey, Nice to meet you, my new friend and colleague!
I'm a DoP (Director of Photography).
I am having this profession in my arms for about 10 years. I started as an camera assistant and a technician, tried myself as a a gaffer and it the end I have became a cinematographer.
I think the fact of searching myself in this profession in a different roles is now my strong point and an ace in a hole. I know all the processes from inside, I know cameras and I know lights, I know how communicate through all departments to achieve the needed results.
I am experienced in feature films, commercials, documentaries and music videos. Fond of narrative, lights, cameras, lenses and all the visual techniques, what basically have made me the happiest man that loves his job a hobby at the same time.
So jump in and let's create smth beautiful together!

Movies in other capacities

2022White Rabbits (WT)Teaser (Film Concept)Shehab GamalCornelsen Films GmbH1st AD (local system)
2022Ladies Night (WT)Short FilmMultipleOVALmedia [de/fr]gaffer
2013The Last of Bajikans - I RescueMusic VideoMultipleMoustache Cinema [ua]director
2013Timmy Kit - Entertain the RainMusic VideoMultipleMoustache Cinema [ua]director
2013Dakh Daughters - Rozy / DonbassMusic VideoMultipleMoustache Cinema [ua]director
2012Руки в брюки - Сахарные губкиMusic VideoMultipleMoustache Cinema [ua]director

Basic data

Experience abroadCentral Europe: Germany
North America: USA
East Asia: Japan
Eastern Europe: Ukraine
Western Europe: England
Special skillsCan work as:
-2nd unit
EducationKyiv National University - 2010 (MA)
Film school - 2013
Film school - 2021
Preferred place of workDirector of photography
Immediate working areaBerlin
2nd residence (if applicable)Lisbon
1st residence (federal state or country)Germany - Berlin
Accommodation possibilitiesAmsterdam, Krakow, Lisbon, London, Los Angeles, New York