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    Brief synopsis

    Dopamine is actually a happiness hormone: it is responsible for our mood. But it is also important for controlling movements. And so a deficiency leads to tremors and unsteady gait - the best-known symptoms of Parkinson's disease. There is still no cure for the world's second most common nervous disease. New studies offer hope, but scientists caution against excessive optimism. This science documentary takes a sensitive, up-to-date and interdisciplinary approach to a disease that is largely unknown. What actually happens in the brain? How does the lack of dopamine develop? Why can't it be compensated for by medication? What triggers the disease? What new research approaches are there? And above all, how do those affected live with the disease?


    Director of photographyDino von Wintersdorff
    Director of photographyChris Caliman
    Director of photographyFelix Greif
    Director of photographyGerald Gareis
    Eng assistant audio/videoLukas Röhrdanz
    Eng assistant audio/videoAndreas Nordmeyer
    Eng assistant audio/videoSebastian Stempner
    Eng assistant audio/videoNicolas Winkelhahn
    DirectorJohn A. Kantara
    ProducerReinhardt Beetz
    ProducerNadine Neumann
    Production managerJuliane Hribar

    Production companies

    gebrueder beetz filmproduktion GmbH & Co. KG


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    First showingGermany3satThursday, 22/09/2022