Paris 1919: Inside the peace talks that changes the world

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    Docu-Fiction | 2008-2009 | arte | History | France

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    Length of movie1 h 34 min

    Brief synopsis

    This feature-length film, based on Margaret MacMillan's acclaimed book of the same name, takes us inside the most ambitious peace talks in history. Revisiting the event with a vivid sense of narrative, the film evokes a pivotal moment when peace seemed possible, and reflects on the hard-learned lessons of history.



    ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
    Paul BandeyJohn Maynard Keynes [L]
    Yan BrianPresident Woodrow Wilson [L]
    Nicholas HawtreyPrime Minister David Lloyd George [L]
    Vincent Lo MonacoPrime Minister Vittorio Orlando [L]
    David LoweHarold Nicolson [L]
    Jean-Gabriel NordmannPrime Minister Georges Clemenceau [L]
    Jerry Di GiacomoChief of Maps [SR]
    Wolfgang PissorsJohann Giesberts [SR]
    Fabrice TalonAndré Tardieu [SR]
    Martin ZiemannWalter Simons [SR]
    Jürgen ZwingelCount Ulrich von Brockdorff-Rantzau [SR]


    1st ADCarole Reinhard
    Director of photographyPaul Cowan
    Casting directorMarie-Christine Lafosse
    DirectorPaul Cowan
    EditorAnnie Ilkow
    EditorDenis Papillon
    ComposerRobert-Marcel Lepage
    ProducerPaul Saadoun13 Productions
    ProducerArnie Gelbart
    ProducerGerry Flahive
    Production designerPhilippe Jacquier
    Literary sourceMargaret MacMillan