Over Water

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    TV Series | Episodes 1-10 | 2017-2018 | Één [be], VRT [be] | Drama | Belgium

    Main data

    DirectorNorman Bates
    Written byTom Lenaerts (creator), Paul Baeten Gronda (creator)
    ProductionPanenka [be]

    Project data

    Length of episode50'
    Episodes from/to1-10


    Brief synopsis

    Once upon a time John Beckers was Flanders' favourite TV celebrity. In his heyday, he ruled the small screen and the audience absolutely adored him. His heavy addiction to drinking and gambling led him down a dark path, however, causing John to lose almost everything he had worked so hard for. Popularity, friends and success disappeared faster than they had come.

    Over water, a series by Flemish broadcaster één, tells the story of John Beckers, who is given an ultimate chance by his wife and two kids to get his life back on track and regain their trust. After his umpteenth stay in rehab, John joins the company of his father-in-law with renewed courage. The former TV celeb starts working for the port. It's a process of ups and downs. Until the day comes when he has the port start working for him.


    ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
    Tom DewispelaereJohn Beckers [SS]
    Tom Van DyckCarl Dockx [SS]
    Kevin JanssensPatrick De Beco [SS]
    Natali BroodsMarjan Michielsen [SS]
    Ruth BecquartBenedicte de Pelsmaecker [SS]
    Evgenia BrendesElla Goes [SS]Franciska Friede
    Jeroen PercevalBarry Snoeck [SSR]
    Violet BraeckmanJulie Beckers [SSR]
    Valentijn DhaenensDokter Rehab [SSR]
    Michael VergauwenMirko [SSR]


    ColoristVeerle Zeelmaeckers
    Director of photographyBjörn Charpentier
    Steadicam operatorOlivier MerckxB camera operator
    Casting directorAnn Willems
    Costume designerNathalie Lermytte
    DirectorNorman Bates
    EditorKoen Timmerman
    EditorGert van Berckelaer
    EditorStijn Deconinck
    EditorTine Verbist
    GafferTom Van Den Abbeele
    ComposerDaniel Hart
    ProducerTom Lenaerts
    ProducerKato Maes
    Production designerBart Van Loo
    Line producerKris Verschooten
    CreatorTom Lenaerts
    CreatorPaul Baeten Gronda
    Stuntman/womanEric Ford
    Stuntman/womanChristian PeterssonDbl. Tom Dewispelaere/Herman Gillis

    Production companies

    Panenka [be]


    2019FranceFestival de la Fiction TV de La Rochelle [fr]Compétition internationale


    TypeCountryStationDate / TimeComment
    First showingGermanyNDR [de]Tuesday, 20/10/2020, 10.00 PM
    First showingBelgiumÉén [be]Sunday, 16/12/2018