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TV Movie | 2021 | Television play | Poland

Main data

DirectorJoanna Zdrada
Written byVolker Schmidt [4] (literary source)
ProductionTVP Telewizja Polska [pl]

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Brief synopsis

Georg, a painter and web designer, arrives with his lifelong companion (and, in a way, patron), the beautiful and ambitious Yvonne, at his family's farmhouse in the countryside to attend his father's funeral and arrange the sale of the farm. When they arrive, they find Mary, the housekeeper, supporting her father in his hard work on the farm after the death of George's mother. An old friend, Christoph, who makes furniture, also appears.
Georg and Yvonne's relationship is put to the test and the idyllic image of the village turns out to be deceptive: the farm is in debt and local businessmen have already planned a kitschy hotel with a swimming pool and a golf course in its place.


ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
Pola BłasikYvonne [L]
Wojciech BrzezińskiChristoph [L]
Agnieszka PrzepiórskaMaria [L]
Marcin PrzybylskiGeorg [L]


ColoristJarek Sterczewski
Director of photographyBartosz Piotrowski
Costume designerDzvinka Kukul
DirectorJoanna Zdrada
ComposerMiłosz Sienkiewicz
Production designerZofia Mazurczak-Prus
Literary sourceVolker Schmidt [4]

Production companies

TVP Telewizja Polska [pl]


TypeCountryStationDate / TimeComment
First showingPolandTVP [pl]Monday, 31/05/2021, 9.00 PMTVP 1