On The Other Side of The Tracks

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    Feature Film | 2012 | Comedy | France

    Project data

    Length of movie1 h 36 min


    Brief synopsis

    One morning in Bobigny, a wasted suburb outside Paris, Constance Chaligny’s lifeless body is discovered. Her husband, Jean-Eric Chaligny, is in charge of the National Employers Union. Ousmane is a suburban policeman of Bobigny financial department. He’s working undercover on a clandestine gambling joint case. Arriving on the scene shortly after and taking control of the investigation is the famous Parisian “Criminal Police Bureau”, headed by Captain François Monge. He only has a few days before his nomination as a Chief of his department and he has to make the right impression. As useful as it is, such a collaboration will have the two cops accepting each other, a premise far from given from the beginning.


    ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
    Omar SyOusmane Diakhaté [L]Sascha Rotermund
    Laurent LafitteFrançois Monge [L]Marcus Off
    Sabrina OuazaniYasmine [L]
    Jean-Paul BelmondoJosselin Beaumont [GS]Johannes Berenz
    Phillip BariuRoland [SR]Karim Chamlali
    Lionel AbelanskiDaniel Cardinet [SR]Uwe Büschken
    Rebecca AzanLaurence [SR]Melanie Hinze
    Zohra Benalila mère de Nabil [SR]Isabella Grothe
    Zabou BreitmanMorland [SR]Maud Ackermann
    Claudine DelvauxConcierge [SR]Denise Gorzelanny
    Samuel GoreiniSam [SR]Jan-David Rönfeldt
    Youssef HajdiGiovanni / Nabil [SR]Tobias Müller [1]
    Christine Hooperréceptionniste [SR]Victoria Sturm
    Patrick Kodjo TopouTyson [SR]Thomas Petruo
    Roch LeiboviciPatrick [SR]Gerald Schaale
    Xavier LemaîtreLionel [SR]Peter Lontzek
    Léo LéothierGérard [SR]Michael Iwannek
    André MarconChaligny [SR]Oliver Siebeck
    Maxime MotteVan Gogh [SR]Felix Spiess
    Allain Naronmédecin légiste [SR]Elmar Gutmann
    Sabrina OuazaniYasmine [SR]Julia Kaufmann [1]
    Cécile RittwegerLa cliente libertine [SR]
    Mahamadou SangaréYves [SR]Yoshij Grimm


    Director of photographyAlain Duplantier
    Casting directorDavid Baranes
    Casting directorPierre-Jacques Bénichou
    Casting directorGaye Yatera
    Costume designerMarité Coutard
    DirectorDavid Charhon
    EditorStéphane Pereira
    ComposerLudovic Bource
    ProducerÉric Altmayer
    ProducerNicolas Altmayer
    Production designerThierry Chavenon
    Production managerMarie-Jeanne Pascal
    Post production supervisorPatricia Colombat
    ScreenwriterDavid Charhon
    ScreenwriterJulien War
    ScreenwriterRemy Four

    Production companies

    Mandarin Production [fr]
    M6 Films [fr]co-production
    Mars Films [fr]co-production

    Distributing companies

    Mars Films [fr]


    TypeCountryStationDate / TimeComment
    RepeatFranceW9 [fr]Tuesday, 04/05/2021, 9.05 PM
    RepeatFranceW9 [fr]Monday, 08/06/2020, 9.05 PM
    First showingGermanyBR [de]Friday, 23/08/2019, 10.55 PM


    Theatre releaseGermanyThursday, 21/03/2013
    Theatre releaseFranceWednesday, 19/12/2012