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Olha Pasichnyk, script supervisor, Glasgow
  • Script supervisor
Born 1993 in Zavadivka (30 Years)


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About Olha Pasichnyk

My name is Olia, i'm 28 years old and I couldn't even imagine that i would get into the land of "Rocknrolla" this way. But i'm alive and unharmed, which means i have work to do.

Well, let me tell you more about myself))
I've been working in serial production in Ukraine since the fall of 2017. From the first to the last project i worked as a script supervisor. I have about All in all, I have about 15 projects, if you don't count where i substituted people. In that case, there are a lit more.

The first half-shift at this job was... strange. I didn't understand what i was supposed to do. I was just told that i just had to know the script. Everything else, as we say, I learned on the run.
I'm a fast learner.

I realize that i can hardly work as a script supervisor in England. But a job that's not as much about texts is something I can do. The 1st AD, props assistant or any other position - I can do it all, I can learn it all, except makeup, probably. Unless, of course, you're making a movie about bad makeup))))

That's pretty much it. Hopefully, in a week my English will be better, and i will make this text more interesting. Or maybe I should write something else here altogether.
A list of my projects is in the attached file.

Thanks for taking a minute))

Movies as script supervisor

2021рідна мачухаTV Series, STB [ua]Serhii KrutinSTB (СТБ) [ua]
2020НевірнаTV Series, STB [ua]Yevhen BaranovSpace Production [ua]
2020Роман з детективомTV Series, Ukraina / Kanal Ukraina [ua]Alina ChebotaryovaFilm.UA Group [ua]
2019Дім, якийLimited series, Ukraina / Kanal Ukraina [ua]Oleksіy HusievFilymstrim [ua]
2018Дві матеріTV Series, 1+1 [ua]Yevhen Baranov1+1 Media Group [ua]

Basic data

EducationNational aviation university (Kyiv)
Immediate working areaGlasgow
1st residence (federal state or country)United Kingdom - Scotland