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Olena Vasylchenko, costumer/wardrobe assistant, Kyiv
  • Costumer/wardrobe assistant
Born on 01.03.1995 in Kyiv (29 Years)


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    About Olena Vasylchenko

    Talented costume designer with experience that ranges from dress of ancient civilizations to modern day fashion trends. Extreme eye to details, excellent time management skills.
    The ability to communicate well with directors, Make up artist, writers and actors. Ensure a qualified addition to any production team.

    Basic data


    2014-2018- Bachelor of the Stage Art
    2014-2016- Bachelor of the Choreography


    2019- practical work( -60 hours) as the part of the "Sewing of the beginner” course from the "Arthouse”
    2019- enhancing the skills of a hairdresser at the "Fiji” Beauty Center
    2020- course (-32 hours) of the Fashion - illustration" from " Arthouse”
    2020- successful completion of the course "Fashion- illustration " in "Art&Fashion School Fantasy Room”
    2020 - course of study (- 16 hours) "Fashion portrait” in "Art&Fashion School Fantasy Room”
    Immediate working areaKyiv
    1st residence (federal state or country)Ukraine