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Oleksandr Popsuyenko, producer, Cologne
  • Producer
Born 1994 in Ukraine (29 Years)


Mobile+49 176 56348605

    About Oleksandr Popsuyenko

    My name is Alex and I'm from Ukraine.
    I already have a work permit in Germany.
    Looking for any advantage to get on the set here.
    I was the owner of a production services company in Ukraine.

    These are works I’ve done as a line producer.

    I’ve started my way on set right after graduating from a technical university in Kiev.
    As a first step I’ve been working as a technician helping with equipment, cameras and light.
    For a few years I’ve been working on different sets, so I learnt from inside how everything works together.
    I'm experienced to do a lot during pre production and production.
    Also filmmaking is my passion so I will be glad to help you with any kind of work.
    Thanks for your time and have a good day))

    Fictional movies in other activities

    2022BrisShort FilmNachman PicovskyBaryo Film & TV Production [il]line producer

    Non-fictional movies in other activities

    2023Wira's WarDocumentary, arte, rbb [de]Carl GierstorferDocdays Productions GmbHtranscript translation

    Basic data

    Special skillsPreparing project from the very beginning, dealing with a client and finding out all needs, budgeting, scheduling, finding a team, controlling everything and fixing mistakes, administrating.
    Can also work with equipment, camera and light.
    Focus puller (small experience)
    2d AC (could be first but need to refresh as I didn't work long in this field)
    Also can be PA
    LicencesCode 95 in driving licence [eu]
    EducationBachelor at audio, video and cinema - technic
    Preferred place of workI'm staying in Cologne, but opened to go anywhere depending on a projec
    Immediate working areaCologne
    1st residence (federal state or country)Germany - North Rhine-Westphalia