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Oleksandr Buliuk, animator, Kyiv
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  • Animator
Born 1986 in Sumy, Ukraine (37 Years)


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About Oleksandr Buliuk

I am 2D animator (using ToonBoom Harmony), i am specialized in cut-out animation, i have 2 years experience and already took part in a few serials for kids in Ukraine (TV and youtube Serials):
- serial "Volohaty Blog" ("PlusPlus" is a Ukrainian free-to-air television channel)
- serial "Portal of Adventures" ("Brobaks" - youtube channel for kids)
- serial "TOTO" ("Brobaks")
On This serials i mostly was making character animation, rigging and lay-outs.
My strength are: sense of humor, ability to work in collective, creativity and punctuality.

Fictional movies as animator

2021Adventures PortalSeriesLiza TarasovaUA:PBC - Suspilne [ua]
2021TotoSeriesOleg MalomuzhUA:PBC - Suspilne [ua]
2021Fluffy BlogTV SeriesRoman PolotniankoTET Production [ua]

Basic data

Education1. Animationschool.ru (2020-2021 years) - online course of 2D animation and animation in ToonBoom Harmony
2. Kyiv Glier Music Academy (2016-2020) - instrumentalist, composer.
3. Kharkiv Academy of Design and Arts. (2012-2016) -Grafic Design
Immediate working areaKyiv
1st residence (federal state or country)Ukraine