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Short Film | 2022 | Horror, Love, Mystery, Psycho thriller, Psychodrama | Germany
The project "Obsession - Nightmare of Overthinking" has been editorially approved, but continues to be regularly reviewed, updated and supported through to release by our editors. Please inform us of missing, false or outdated data.

Main data

DirectorYasin Islek
Written byYasin Islek, Yasin Islek (idea), Antonia Wagner [1] (co-writer), Yasin Islek (story)
ProductionArtisdo Pictures [de]

Shooting data

Filming regionsGermany - North Rhine-Westphalia


    ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
    Yasin IslekCaine [L]
    Antonia WagnerAbelina [L]
    Melina BaddeNovi [SR]


    Director of photographyPhilipp Ottershagen
    1st assistant cameraJanus Kölbl
    2nd assistant cameraAlyssa Henzel
    Casting directorYasin Islek
    Costume designerYasin Islek
    Assistant costume designerAlyssa Henzel
    DirectorYasin Islek
    EditorYasin Islek
    GafferPhilipp Ottershagen
    Lighting technician / electricianCéline Thiede
    Makeup artist / hair stylistCéline Thiede
    ProducerYasin Islek
    Delegate producerYasin Islek
    Location scoutYasin Islek
    Postproduction managerYasin Islek
    Location managerEddy Cheaib
    Location coordinatorPhilipp Ottershagen
    Location coordinatorYasin Islek
    Location coordinatorJanus Kölbl
    Location coordinatorEddy Cheaib
    ScreenwriterYasin Islek
    Co-writerAntonia Wagner [1]
    IdeaYasin Islek
    StoryYasin Islek
    Script translatorAntonia Wagner [1]
    Script translatorYasin Islek
    Language assistantAntonia Wagner [1]
    Production sound mixerMoritz Doetsch

    Production companies

    Artisdo Pictures [de]