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Documentary Feature | 2019-2020 | Docu, ecology | Germany


Brief synopsis

"If you fail, we will never forgive you!" Angrily, the generation of young climate rebels appeals to adult reason and makes 2019 the year of their protest. The reason: our future is threatened by global warming. The Paris Climate Convention of 2015? A hollow phrase! The Swedish student Greta Thunberg has risen to become the leading figure of the worldwide movement that has shaken up the general public with civil disobedience, strikes and demos. Their influence is growing rapidly. Finally, governments are also starting to pay attention. Director Jim Rakete asks some of the most prominent faces of the climate rebellion about their motives. He infects us with their tremendous energy and thirst for knowledge. They all have their goals clearly in mind. Because whatever must happen: it must happen NOW!

"NOW" by Jim Rakete is the film for the longed-for green turnaround! In his committed cinema debut, the famous cult photographer meets Generation Greta. No fewer than six young climate activists speak out, including Luisa Neubauer (Fridays for Future), Felix Finkbeiner (Plant for the Planet) and Nike Mahlhaus (Ende Gelände). Why did they become activists? What is at stake? A film that encourages imitation. Quite deliberately -- so that today's youth will also have a future tomorrow. They receive support in the film from punk rock legend Patti Smith, filmmaker Wim Wenders and many more.

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ColoristChristine Hiam
DI digital intermediate supervisorTobias Schaarschmidt
Director of photographyPhilip Koepsell
Additional photographyOliver Hans Wolf
Additional photographyJim Rakete
DirectorJim Rakete
EditorKjell Peterson
ComposerStrunk Nils
ProducerRainer Kölmel
Associate producerWasiliki Bleser
Creative producerNina Spilger
Graphic artistSascha Moser
Post production supervisorNina Spilger
Post production coordinatorUte Aichele
IdeaRinke Claudia
Sound recordist (non fiction)Zora Butzke
Sound re-recording mixerClemens Becker
Sound designerClemens Becker
Foley artistPhilipp Sellier

Production companies

Starhaus Filmproduktion GmbH

Distributing companies

W-Film Production & Distribution [de]


Film Processing/TransfersStudio Mitte
Sound (Postproduction)Soundpost Sendling


2020GreeceThessaloniki Documentary Film Festival