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  • Stunt driver


Phone+49 171 3572553


Phone+49 171 3572553

Movies as stunt driver

2023Breezy (aka Angel Of Bravery) (WT)
Independent Feature FilmDominik StröhleFilmakademie Baden-Württemberg [de]Berlin
2023BMW x Cannes Film Festival - The CalmCommercialSam HargraveReset Content [us]
2022Porsche - Range Shot (NOT RELEASED) (WT)CommercialMaher MalehHochkant Film
2019Suzuki Swift Sport - Drivers-SeatCommercialMicheel NwaisserFrankfurt-Film GmbH [de]
2017Ark - Nicola CodeIndependent Feature FilmLei CuiNantong Fanying Century Culture and Media Co. Ltd. [cn]
2015HomelandTV Series, Showtime [us]MultipleFox 21 [us]
2015Toyota Vitz - JapanCommercialKosai SekineMarkenfilm GmbH & Co. KG
2015Hyundai - Aslan (WT)CommercialJong Hoon LeeWatchmen Productions GmbH [de]
2015Opel Corsa - Das neue Oh! PCCommercialAndreas RothTempomedia Filmproduktion GmbH
2015Tirendo - The Impossible Ride with Sebastian Vettel
Russian Arm
CommercialMaximilian ErlenweinCzar [de]Russian Arm
2014VW - Der neue Passat Variant & Limousine (Teaser & Footage)CommercialPhilip HollerbachUnited Visions GmbH [de]
2014Jeep Renegade - The Big MamaCommercialAlexander PaulFrankfurt-Film GmbH [de]
2014Mitsubishi - JoggerCommercialMona El MansouriMarkenfilm GmbH & Co. KG
2014Audi - S1 + S3 CabrioCorporate FilmVolker StrühKropac Media GmbH
2014SEAT Mii by MANGO - Because Design MattersCommercialMarkus RocheUnited Visions GmbH [de]
2014SEAT Leon Cupra - Intensify Your EverydayCommercialMarkus RocheUnited Visions GmbH [de]
2013Audi S - MirrorsCommercialOle PetersMarkenfilm GmbH & Co. KG
2013Hyundai i40 - Pure Business ClassCommercialMarkus RocheFilmservice [cz]
2013Toyota Aygo - Backstory To The FutureCommercialGlen MilnerGAP Films Commercial Productions GmbH [de]
2013Hyundai e30i - SkaterCommercialFrank Martines SchmidtFilmservice [cz]

Movies in other capacities

2017Berlin StationTV Series, Epix [us]MultipleAnonymous Content [us]camera car driver S.02 ep. 04 russian arm mini
2016The AdventurersFeature FilmStephen FungMannix Pictures [cn]camera car driver Russian Arm Filmotechnic
2016Ford Edge - Der neue Ford Edge. Always onCommercialCadmo QuinteroErste Liebe Filmproduktion GmbH [de]camera car driver Russian Arm Filmotechnic Europe
2015Mercedes AMG / MV Agusta - Markenfilm. Rennen (WT)CommercialTibor GlageSTAUD STUDIOS GmbHcamera car driver Russian Arm Filmotechnic

Basic data

Experience abroadCentral Europe: Austria, Croatia, Slovenia, Switzerland
North Africa: Tunisia
North America: USA
Northern Europe: Denmark, Norway, Sweden
East Asia: China
Eastern Europe: Russia
South America: Argentina
Southern Europe: Italy, Portugal, Spain
Southeastern Europe: Greece
Western Europe: France
Immediate working areaBerlin
1st residence (federal state or country)Germany - Lower Saxony