NOCTUIDAE | ©A.Mauritz, Anjali Esther Nair
©A.Mauritz, Anjali Esther Nair
Short Film | 2018-2021 | Fantasy | Germany
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Shooting data

LocationsHannover und Umgebung

Project data

Film financing
Length of movie23 Minuten
Distribution formatHD

Brief synopsis

A lonely seamstress receives a strange request: she is to sew a cloak made only from the wings of moths. A work of delicate beauty is painstakingly crafted, and with it a fragile bond between two lost souls. But as soon as the work is finished, her client disappears. Searching for him, she discovers his secret: the cloak holds his final hope to escape a hostile world of lights. Is it possible to reach the freedom of moonlight? Or is her client a lunatic, crazy enough to jump to his death - for a mere fantasy? The seamstress finds no peace. She answers the call of his dream and sews a new cloak - for herself.
"Noctuidae" tell a poetic tale about moth and men, lost in the lights of the world and the longing to escape into freedom.


ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
Elisabeth Frank [2]Amelia [L]
Hendrik Massute"Mottenmann" [L]


Vfx producerMarco Del Bianco
Vfx supervisorNikilo Sonnet
Vfx supervisorTimo Schnitt
Vfx supervisorMarwin Wanek
Vfx set supervisorNikilo Sonnet
Digital film compositorLukas Wieg
ColoristJonathan Happ
Director of photographyMartin Bargiel
1st assistant cameraAlexandra Lea Portele
2nd assistant cameraPia Klein [1]
Costume designer (creator)Vera Bracklo
DirectorAlexandra (Ali) Mauritz
1st AD (local system)Isabel Dubrownik
EditorAlexandra (Ali) Mauritz
GafferNiko Mölter
ComposerMax Filges
ProducerAlexandra (Ali) Mauritz
Production designerJulia Kraushaar
Production designerSamira Körner
Location scoutAndrea Giesel
Production managerAndrea Giesel
ScreenwriterAlexandra (Ali) Mauritz
Co-writerChristoph Honegger/ Script Advisor
Script consultantPhil Parker
Sound mastering engineerReemt AllerdingChaussee Soundvision
Sound designerClara HoffmannChaussee Soundvision
Foley artistFreddy FleïngChaussee Soundvision

Production companies

Noctuidae Filmproduktion, Alexandra Mauritz [de]


Image (VFX)Day for Night GmbH
Image (VFX)Hochschule Hannover, Studiengang Mediendesign
Sound (Postproduction)Chaussee Soundvision GmbH