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Nkiru Niemann, producer, Berlin
  • Producer
Born 1975 (48 Years)


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    About Nkiru Niemann

    Nkiru Niemann attended the prestigious university of Jos in Plateau State, Nigeria from 1995 to 2000, where she studied Theatre and Communications Arts. She was recognized within the first school year as the best student in both script-writing and production. Nkiru Niemann enrolled to study theatre, out of her desire to become an actress. A profession she willingly relinquished after the discovery of her hidden production talent. This talent was brought to limelight in her first school project, when she produced and directed a stage drama. She actualized the objective of the drama, which was 'Naturalism' by realistically depicting the cast and visually representing the props on a highly technical level. Her project was the best in the class and that brought her to departmental recognition. Thereafter, Nkiru Niemann produced and directed most dramas and films until her final year. She also won the coveted annual best 'Film Director' of the year award on graduation in the year 2000.

    During her undergraduate days, Nkiru Niemann contributed articles to a national magazine called 'Celebration'. After graduation, she received an employment offer from 'Blue Chip Studios', the publishers of Celebration magazine. They considered her articles exceptional and offered her a position as a full time writer. Nkiru Niemann accepted the job as a writer and ended up becoming a producer as well. She worked at the studio from 2002 to 2008, during which she produced 'Fun Time Children T.V program'; a variety show in five segments - dance, folktales in cartoon animation, game, joke and drama.

    For the Fun Time series, Nkiru Niemann wrote: 13 episodes of a short drama highlighting 'HIV/AIDS'; 13 episodes of a short drama highlighting 'student victimization by lecturers'; 26 episodes of a short drama highlighting 'cultism and its menace in the society'; 52 episodes of a short drama highlighting 'adolescent escapades'. She also wrote over 100 episodes of folktales/stories for the animation. Fun Time aired for six years on Nigeria Television Authority (NTA) network, NBI, TVC and Silver Bird television. Nkiru Niemann also produced a family drama titled 'Mama Onome's Buka' at the same studio.

    Nkiru Niemann resigned from Blue Chip Studios in 2008 and worked as a freelance producer and scriptwriter from 2009 to 2011. In 2009, she wrote and produced 13 episodes of 'Sharp Corner', a thirty minutes drama series highlighting unemployment and other social crises faced by the youth. In 2010, she was the Content Writer for the maiden edition of 'Gulder Celebrity Show Down' and the 'Gulder Ultimate Reality Search 7'. In 2011, she was the writer for the maiden edition of 'Dance 234' reality TV show. All of which aired nationwide in several Nigerian television stations.

    Nkiru Niemann has been operating since 2012 as the 'Director of Production and International Affairs of the Green Me Global Festival for Sustainability in Berlin, Germany. In 2017, Nkiru Niemann was one of the producers of 'Climate Warriors'; a documentary feature film about climate change, which featured Arnold Schwarzenegger and other notable environmental activists. The film was presented at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) market in 2017. Climate Warriors experienced its international theatrical release in 2018 and was nominated for several international awards. Nkiru Niemann has written more than ten feature length movie scripts, which are still under development.

    Non-fictional movies as producer

    2017Climate Warriors
    Produced the US segment of the film
    Documentary FeatureNkiru NiemannfechnerMEDIA GmbH [de]Produced the US segment of the film
    2002Fun TimeTV MagazineNkiru NiemannBlue Chip Studios [ng]

    Non-fictional movies in other activities

    2022Bauer sucht Frau (RTL)Documentary Series, RTL [de]Volker MichelsMagis TV GmbH [de]travel coordinator
    2002Fun TimeTV MagazineDave MorsiBlue Chip Studios [ng]head of script

    Other projects

    YearProject typeTitleActivityCompany
    2015 - 2018FestivalThe Green Me Global Festival for SustainabilityProducerGreen Me GmbH

    Basic data

    Experience abroadCentral Europe: Germany
    Immediate working areaBerlin
    1st residence (federal state or country)Germany - Berlin