Projects saved at Crew United

    YearTitleGenreRoleSpoken by
    2018Between WorldsFeature FilmJoe [L]
    2015SnowdenFeature FilmHank [L]
    2015Army of One - Ein Mann auf göttlicher MissionFeature FilmGary Faulkner [L]
    2011Seeking JusticeFeature FilmWill Gerard [L]
    2010Ghost Rider - Spirit Of Vengeance (3D)Feature FilmJohnny Blaze [L]
    2008Der letzte TempelritterFeature FilmRitter [L]
    2008Bad Lieutenant - Port of Call New OrleansFeature FilmTerence Mc Donagh [L]
    2007National Treasure: Book of SecretsFeature FilmBen Gates [L]
    2006NextFeature FilmCris Johnson [L]
    2004Lord of WarFeature FilmYuri Orlov [L]
    2002AdaptationFeature FilmCharlie Kaufman / Donald Kaufman [L]
    1996The RockFeature FilmStanley Goodspeed [L]
    1996Con AirFeature FilmCameron Poe [L]
    1989Time to Kill / Tempo di uccidereFeature FilmEnrico Silvestri [L]