Projects saved at Crew United

    2016Skoobe - Die besten Bücher!Commercial1st AD (local system)
    2015Superdilemma (WT)Short Film1st AD (local system)
    2011Phil Vetter - GeschafftMusic Videodirector
    2011ZDF - SOKO Image KampagneCommercialproduction manager
    2011RTL II Station IDs - Winter 2011Station IDproduction manager
    2011Was übrig bleibt von dir (aka. Eifersucht ) (WT)Short Film1st AD (local system)
    2011Random House - Lauren Kate. Engels Morgen (Internet-Buchtrailer)Commercialset manager/ floor manager
    2010Nike - Write the FutureCommercialunit manager
    2010Audi - Audi A8 BarcelonaCorporate Filmassistant-/ junior-producer - KaraokeCommercialassistant-/ junior-producer
    2010Jamaram - CuentitoMusic Videodirector
    2010Deutsche Telekom - Das Liga Total! StudioCommercialassistant-/ junior-producer
    2010Pact AG - Mitarbeiterfilm (3 Motviationsfilme)Corporate Filmassistant-/ junior-producer
    2010Audi - Audi A1 Big BangCorporate Filmassistant-/ junior-producer
    2010Audi - Audi R8 Race Experience 2010Corporate Filmassistant-/ junior-producer
    2010Carl Zeiss Meditec - Grauer StarCorporate Filmassistant-/ junior-producer
    2010race4kids 2010Reportassistant-/ junior-producer
    2010Haufe Media - Experteninterview ImmobilienCorporate Filmassistant-/ junior-producer
    2010Audi TV (Web-TV)
    Salone Fuorie
    TV Magazineassistant-/ junior-producerSalone Fuorie
    2009Rabbit Without Ears 2
    / Making Of
    Feature Film3rd AD crowd (local system)/ Making Of