Projects saved at Crew United

    2018Volkswagen AG - The all new T-Cross. MusiciansCommercialexecutive producer
    2017Volkswagen AG - Der neue PoloCommercialexecutive producer
    2017Volkswagen AG - DC - ShanghaiCommercialexecutive producer
    2017Volkswagen AG - ID CrozzCommercialexecutive producer
    2016Volkswagen AG - Golf 7 (Pressematerial)Commercialexecutive producer
    2016Volkswagen AG - Drivers of Change. AmericaCommercialexecutive producer
    2016Volkswagen AG - Der I.D. BuzzCommercialexecutive producer
    2016Volkswagen - Der neue GolfCommercialexecutive producer
    2016Volkswagen - Drivers of ChangeCommercialexecutive producer
    2016Volkswagen AG - Der neue up!Commercialexecutive producer
    2015Volkswagen AG - Der neue Tiguan. Aufregend innovativ!Commercialproducer
    2015Volkswagen AG - Touran. FahrvorstellungCommercialexecutive producer
    2015Volkswagen AG - VW Golf Variant (Footage)Commercialexecutive producer
    2015Volkswagen Touran - Family is a Tough JobCommercialexecutive producer
    2014MAN - MAN WeihnachtsMANCommercialexecutive producer
    2014Volkswagen AG - The New Passat. Perfect DayCommercialexecutive producer
    2013Wilo - BVB Sponsoring 2013Commercialdirector
    2013VfL Wolfsburg - Fussball ist allesImage Filmexecutive producer
    2013Mercedes-Benz - Euro Training 2013Commercialexecutive producer
    2013DERtour - EpicImage Filmexecutive producer