Nicklas Krüger, executive producer, Hamburg
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  • Executive producer


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About Nicklas Krüger

I am an experienced TV Producer and production person who is looking for partners in production supervision and producing drama series, commercial and feature film projects. I am applying my experience as (executive) producer from almost 100 commercial and feature film productions.

As Executive Producer at Chunk up the deuce and managing partner at CHUNK Filmproduktion GmbH, I am looking for networkers and freelancers in the fields of digital content and classic film production as well as entrepreneurs and business partners to support, push and kick-start thriving and promising new business concepts related to film production and digital advertising.

Advertising/Image/Music videos as executive producer

2021Hugo Kafumbi - 4:00 AMMusic VideoFlorian RöskeCHUNK Filmproduktion GmbH
2021Ritter Sport - #entdeckedasgutCommercialMichał MisińskiCHUNK Filmproduktion GmbH
2021Rolls Royce - SpectreCommercialPascal RemondCHUNK Filmproduktion GmbH
2021Telekom - Der beste Platz für die EURO 2020 nur bei MagentaTV!CommercialFlorian RöskeCHUNK Filmproduktion GmbH
2020Mazda CX5 - Drive TogetherCommercialLauro CressCHUNK Filmproduktion GmbH
2020Wärme Hamburg - Hamburger WetterCommercialBernd PossardtCHUNK Filmproduktion GmbH
2020Molkerei Müller - Reine Buttermilch. Ganz schön entspannt.CommercialTanja HäringCHUNK Filmproduktion GmbH
2020Fielmann - Fielmann FinderCommercialFlorian RöskeCHUNK Filmproduktion GmbH
2019Rakuten - Tetris, Click, NoisecancellingCommercialSimon RitzlerCHUNK Filmproduktion GmbH
2019VW Genuine Parts - JourneyCommercialFrank SchlotterbeckCHUNK Filmproduktion GmbH
2019VW - We Call it ServiceCommercialFrank SchlotterbeckCHUNK Filmproduktion GmbH
2019Puma & Overkill - Radiant VenomCommercialFlorian RöskeCHUNK Filmproduktion GmbH
2018VW - Liquid Service. Unerwartet schnell (mehrere Spots)CommercialMarcel GlaucheCHUNK Filmproduktion GmbH
2018VW - Mobile Service UnitCommercialMarcel GlaucheCHUNK Filmproduktion GmbH
2018Frosta - Echt.KenoCommercialFabian KortmannCHUNK Filmproduktion GmbH
2018NewYorker Lions - No FearCommercialFlorian RöskeCHUNK Filmproduktion GmbH
2018VW Service - SchlüsselmomenteCommercialFlorian RöskeCHUNK Filmproduktion GmbH
2017Facebook - PockeTVCCommercialMultipleCHUNK Filmproduktion GmbH
2017Facebook - Create to Convert (Webfilm)CommercialLennert SchraderCHUNK Filmproduktion GmbH
2017Volkswagen - SMSCommercialFlorian RöskeCHUNK Filmproduktion GmbH

Fictional projects in other activities

2014We are the TideFeature FilmSebastian HilgerAnna Wendt Filmproduktion GmbHset manager/ floor manager
2010Tage der RückkehrShort FilmSusanna LeuFilmuniversität Babelsberg Konrad Wolf (formerly HFF Konrad Wolf) [de]1st AD (local system) Dreh 2010
2010You missed SonjaShort FilmFélix KochFilmuniversität Babelsberg Konrad Wolf (formerly HFF Konrad Wolf) [de]1st AD (local system)
2010The Three Musketeers (3D)Feature FilmPaul W.S. AndersonConstantin Film [de]assistant location manager
2008Inglourious BasterdsFeature FilmQuentin TarantinoZehnte Babelsberg Film GmbH [de]assistant set/floor manager Main Unit
200866/67 - Fairplay war gesternFeature FilmMultipleFrisbeefilms GmbH & Co. KG [de]location scout 8 Tage

Advertising/Image/Music videos in other activities

2017Tokunbo - White NoiseMusic VideoFelix WittichDemotapesproducer
2017Kodak - Fotobuch. Fail Moment, Surprise MomentCommercialMarcel GlaucheCHUNK Filmproduktion GmbHproducer EP HMG/MOODMOOD
2017HSH Nordbank - Geschäftsbericht. Geschäftskunden & VorstandCommercialMultiplePUK - Philipp und Keuntje GmbH [de]producer Consulting Producer for PUK
2016Audi Akrapovic - Tunnel RushCommercialFabian HothanPUK - Philipp und Keuntje GmbH [de]producer Andorra, Barcelona
2016Brita - YourceCommercialMultiplePUK - Philipp und Keuntje GmbH [de]line producer
2016Brita - YourceCommercialNicklas KrügerPUK - Philipp und Keuntje GmbH [de]director
2016Audi RS6 Avant - PulseCommercialMarc SchölermannMarkenfilm GmbH & Co. KGline producer
2016ProSieben - Schlag den Star. EltonTrailerRenato NovakovicGreenskyfilms GmbHline producer Hamburg
2016Carspring - No bad surprisesCommercialFlorian RöskeCHUNK Filmproduktion GmbHproducer EP HMG/MOODMOOD
2016Foodora - Beauty of Discreation (Internetspot)CommercialFlorian RöskeCHUNK Filmproduktion GmbHproducer EP HMG/MOODMOOD
2016Audi Magalog - Highspeed (2 Spots)CommercialOlaf HauschulzPUK - Philipp und Keuntje GmbH [de]producer
2016Audi - Paris G-TronCommercialMarcel GlauchePUK - Philipp und Keuntje GmbH [de]producer
2016Audi A5 - Sportback, Cabriolet, CoupéCommercialMultiplePUK - Philipp und Keuntje GmbH [de]producer
2016Everdine - Dirty HandsCommercialFlorian RöskeCHUNK Filmproduktion GmbHproducer
2015Bosch - MultimanCommercialThomas KrygierMarkenfilm Crossing GmbHline producer
2015O2 - Zwei Netze sind besser als einsCommercialCadmo QuinteroMarkenfilm GmbH & Co. KGline producer Chile
2015Samsung - Be fearlessCommercialMatthäus BussmannMarkenfilm GmbH & Co. KGunit manager Berlin, Österreich
2015Scholl - Stroke, Mayday & Angelina (3 Spots) (WT)CommercialThomas KrygierMarkenfilm GmbH & Co. KGline producer Line Producer Vilnius
2015Henkel Dylon - The RingCommercialLuzian SchlatterMarkenfilm GmbH & Co. KGunit manager
2015Audi A4 - Progress is IntenseCommercialJan WentzMarkenfilm GmbH & Co. KGunit manager

Basic data

LanguagesEnglish German Spanish
Experience abroadAustralia and Oceania: Australia, New Zealand
Central Europe: Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Lithuania, Slovenia, Switzerland
North America: USA
Northern Europe: Denmark, Iceland, Sweden
South Africa: South Africa
South America: Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Uruguay
Southern Europe: Italy, Spain
Southeastern Europe: Rumania
Western Europe: England, Ireland
LicencesA (motorcycle) [eu], B (car) [eu], BE (car with trailer) [eu], Motorboat Certificate Inland Water [de], Motorboat Certificate Sea [de], SRC - short range certificate (radio license)
Immediate working areaHamburg
1st residence (federal state or country)Germany - Hamburg
Accommodation possibilitiesBogota, Buenos Aires, Melbourne, Munich