Never on the First Night

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    Feature Film | 2013 | Comedy | France

    Brief synopsis

    Julie is a young and lively woman who is constantly unlucky in love. When she gets dumped via messenger at her work, it seems like the final straw. However, after a deep depression, she discovers "personal fulfilment."
    A book, Learn to Be Happy, becomes her bible and she follows its advice to the letter both at work and in terms of love.
    Julie's latest fad finds a cool reception with her two best friends, Louise and Rose, whose love lives are not in a much better shape than Julie's. One of them maintains a secret love affair with her boss, while the other is in a dreary relationship that is on the ropes.
    Julie is a regular client of her local bookstore, where she devours all the books in the Self-Help section. She plays a love-hate game with Marc, her gruff and uptight boss, and falls for the charm of Ange, a good-looking young guy who is also a fan of personal development.


    ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
    Alexandra LamyJulie [L]
    Mélanie DouteyLouise [SR]
    Julie FerrierRose [SR]
    Jean-Paul RouveMarc [SR]
    Grégory FitoussiAnge [SR]
    Julien BoisselierCharles [SR]
    Arnaud HenrietGilles [SR]
    Michel VuillermozViktor Bells [SR]
    Pascal DemolonChadenat [SR]
    Nicolas MedadEmilio [SR]
    Olivia CôteTV Presenter [SR]
    Morgan PerezMailman [SR]
    Alice DavidCharlotte [SR]
    Laurent LévyAlbert [SR]
    Charline PaulAgnès [SR]
    Frédérique TirmontJulie's mother [SR]
    Ophélia KolbHôtesse Rencontres du Zen [SR]
    Fabienne TournetCollègue bureau [SR]
    Aurélie ToucasFemme au collier vert [SR]
    Lila LacombeClémence [SR]
    Jérémy BardeauHomme boîte de nuit [SR]
    Jeanne ArènesSage-femme [SR]
    Bruno SanchesProfesseur de self-defense [SR]
    Pierre AzemaPierre [SR]
    Delphine PoudouMarguerite [SR]
    Floriane MullerMaëva [SR]
    Mathilde BissonJudith (bimbo 1) [SR]
    Christophe DeslandesHervé [SR]
    Maud JurezZoé (bimbo 2) [SR]
    Xiaoxing ChengChinese waiter [SR]
    Yilin YangChinese waitress [SR]
    Caroline DelaunayFemme boîte de nuit [SR]


    1st ADFrédéric Drouilhat
    Director of photographyLaurent Dailland
    Still photographerPascal Chantier
    Casting directorMichaël Laguens
    Costume designerEmmanuelle Youchnowski
    DirectorMélissa Drigeard
    EditorSylvie Gadmer
    ComposerDorion Fiszel
    ComposerBrad Thomas Ackley
    ProducerDominique Farrugia
    Production designerStéphane Taillasson
    Line producerDominique Brunner
    Production managerKader Djedra
    ScreenwriterVincent Juillet
    ScreenwriterMélissa Drigeard
    Production sound mixerMarc-Antoine Beldent


    TypeCountryStationDate / TimeComment
    RepeatFranceTFX [fr]Tuesday, 04/05/2021, 9.05 PM


    Theatre releaseFranceWednesday, 01/01/2014