Projects saved at Crew United

    2019Sharaf (aka Ya 3alam / Oh People) (WT)Feature Film
    2019FatherFeature Film
    2015Stille ReservenFeature FilmKoproduzent
    2014One Floor BelowFeature Film
    2012SadilishtetoIndie Feature Film
    2011KopfüberIndie Feature Film
    2011CirclesFeature Film
    2009Making of - Schläft Ein Lied In Allen Dingen (WT)Making Of
    2009On TourFeature Film
    2008Sleeping SongsFeature Film
    2008The Woman With The Broken Nose / Žena sa slomljinim Nosem (WT)Feature Film
    2008Initiative Erdgasfahrzeuge - FamilieCommercial