Nächste Ausfahrt Liebe

  • Wir verlieben dich (Working title)
Documentary Series | 2019 | SAT.1 [de] | Germany
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    Eng cameraPaul Bogdanski
    StylistHeidrun Schwantge
    DirectorMerza Duderi
    DirectorMichael 'Mitch' Fiebig
    DirectorAlexandra Ziegler
    EditorClaudia Szypryt
    Freelance producerIna Wendig
    Freelance producerAlexandra Broschk
    Set manager/ floor managerChristian Bauer [2]Dreh in Hamburg & Umgebung
    Set manager/ floor managerMarius Klein
    Set manager/ floor managerJan MehrtensNiedersachsen
    Set manager/ floor managerJulia Roth
    Set manager/ floor managerDaniela Radics

    Production companies

    Fandango Film TV Internet Produktions GmbH


    Cameras and UtilitiesC-rent Camera Light Sound