Feature Film | 2020-2021 | Drama | Poland
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    Brief synopsis

    Pola (Martyna Byczkowska) is rockin' the music scene – at just 22 she is selling out venues and has an army of fans. Fame comes at a price though. One night, right after one of her flashy concerts, Pola gets into her vintage car drunk and causes a crash. Her father and manager (Ireneusz Czop) launches a cover up thanks to which she avoids jail but is put in a rehab clinic for young adults where she serves community hours by assisting in musical therapy. There she meets Borys (Paweł Domagała) – a charismatic instructor/therapist known for his unconventional healing methods. Borys was once a popular musician himself but fell into all the traps of young stardom. Despite a rather chilly start, Pola and Borys begin to get close to one another. They share a passion for music and have both done things they regret. Unfortunately past secrets and Pola's lingering career begin to stand in the way of the growing affection between the two. Will they manage to overcome these obstacles and will their meeting be something more than just a random collision of wondering souls?


    ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
    Martyna Byczkowskan.a. [L]
    Paweł Domagałan.a. [L]
    Ireneusz Czopn.a. [SR]
    Olaf Lubaszenkon.a. [SR]
    Kinga Preisn.a. [SR]


    Director of photographyWitold Płóciennik
    DirectorPiotr Trzaskalski
    ComposerŁukasz Borowiecki
    ScreenwriterMagdalena Wiśniewolska
    ScreenwriterPaweł Domagała
    ScreenwriterMirella Zaradkiewicz

    Production companies

    Orphan Studio [pl]

    Distributing companies

    Kino Świat [pl]