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Monsieur Butterfly - The Director Barrie Kosky

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    Documentary | 2017 | arte, rbb [de] | Biography, Culture, Theater | Germany

    Main data

    Shooting data

    LocationsDeutschland, England

    Project data

    Length of movie52 Min.
    Aspect ratio16:9 (1 : 1,78)
    Sound formatStereo


      Director of photographyFlorian Mag
      Director of photographyJohannes Louis
      DirectorFelix von Boehm
      EditorFelix von Boehm
      Production managerRainer Baumert
      Production managerAnton Kaiser
      Sound recordist (non fiction)Moritz Springer
      Sound recordist (non fiction)Benedikt Gaussling
      Commissioning editorDorothea Diekmann
      Commissioning editorChristian Behr
      Commissioning editorChristian von Behr
      Clearing rightsSabrina Hartmann

      Production companies

      Interscience Film


      TypeCountryStationDate / TimeComment
      First showingGermanyarteMonday, 31/07/2017