Projects saved at Crew United

    YearTitleGenreRoleSpoken by
    2019The Man Who Sold His SkinFeature FilmSoraya Waldy [GS]
    2018Call My Agent!TV Series, France 2 [fr]Monica Bellucci - Episode 2 [GS]
    2018Spider in the WebFeature FilmAngela Caroni [L]
    2018The Best Years of a LifeFeature FilmElena [GS]
    2016On the Milky RoadFeature FilmBraut [L]Christin Marquitan
    2014James Bond 007 - SpectreFeature FilmLucia Sciarra [L]Judith Brandt
    2013The WondersFeature FilmMilly Catena [SR]
    2012It Happened in Saint-TropezFeature FilmGiovanna [L]
    2007Le Deuxième SouffleFeature FilmManouche [L]
    2007Don't Look BackFeature FilmJeanne [L]
    2004The Brothers GrimmFeature FilmSpiegel-Königin [SR]Christin Marquitan
    2003Tears of the SunFeature FilmDr. Lena Fiore Kendricks [L]
    2003Spy BoundFeature FilmBarbara / Lisa [L]
    2002IrréversibleFeature FilmAlex [L]
    2001Asterix and Obelix - Mission CleopatraFeature FilmCleopatra [L]
    2000Le Pacte des LoupsFeature FilmSylvia [L]
    1999MalènaFeature FilmMalena [L]
    1999MalènaFeature FilmMalena Scordia [SR]
    1992DraculaFeature FilmDraculas Bride [SR]