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Education/Training Production | 2019 | Drama | United Kingdom

Main data

Project data

Length of movieca. 10 Min

Brief synopsis

Deport or Remand? A commission of experts is facing this dilemma and has to decide on Mohammed's case. He has spent two out of the last five years in juvenile prison because of aggravated assault charges.

‘Mohammed’ is an interactive VR Movie where you take the role of a member of this hardship commission which has to decide on Mohammed's fate.


ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
Fabian MännelRainer Gladiator, Polizist [SR]
Evi MeinardusChristine Polat, Islamwissenschaftlerin [SR]
Lisa Elke EschenbrennerGreta Baumannn, Jugendgerichtshelferin [SR]
Stefanie BorbeErika Henle [SR]
Lucie TrittermannNicole Fromm [SR]
Fidan WyderRodan Fischer [BP]
René Marvin KuhnkeArtjom Bogdanow [BP]
Josephine-Pauline StrietzelJana Lehmann [BP]


DirectorTayyib Yavuz

Production companies

Royal College of Art [uk]