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Mister T.

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    Feature Film | 2019 | Biopic | Poland

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    Mister T. is set in 1953, when Warsaw is rising from ruins. The omnipresent uncertainty, denunciations, and the sense of constant surveillance are tamed with the help of vodka and good company. A renowned writer, Mister T. lives in a hotel for authors and makes a living by giving extra lessons. One day, a young countryside man aspiring to become a journalist moves into the next-door apartment and Mister T. becomes his mentor and teacher. The pace of the protagonist's life quickens once the authorities begin to suspect him of evil intentions to blow up the Palace of Culture and Science, his alluring student shocks him with an unexpected confession, and Secret Police agents start to follow his every move.

    Full of dark humor, sex and emotions, this is a surprisingly contemporary story about Poland from absurd times when the improbable was quite possible. Expect some acting surprises, including a daring scene featuring Jacek Fedorowicz, Kazimierz Kutz and Leszek Balcerowicz, and Michał Urbaniak giving a brilliant performance of his own jazz composition “Mister T.”.


    ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
    Maria SobocińskaDagna [L]
    Sebastian StankiewiczFilak [L]
    Paweł WilczakMr. T. [L]
    Jerzy BończakBolesław Bierut [SR]
    Wojciech MecwaldowskiIruś [SR]
    Zdzisław WardejnKozera [SR]


    ColoristAleksander Winecki
    Director of photographyAdam Bajerski
    Still photographerHubert Komerski
    Casting directorMarcin Krzyształowicz
    Casting directorJarosław Stypa
    Costume designerMagdalena Biedrzycka
    DirectorMarcin Krzyształowicz
    EditorWojciech Mrówczynski
    Key makeup artistDominika Dylewska
    ComposerMichał Woźniak
    ProducerJarosław Boliński
    Production designerMagdalena Dipont
    Production designerRobert Czesak
    Set decoratorBeata Karaś
    Line producerMarcin Imach
    Production managerMariusz Mielczarek
    ScreenwriterAndrzej Gołda
    ScreenwriterMarcin Krzyształowicz
    Production sound mixerPiotr Domaradzki
    Production sound mixerBarbara Domaradzka

    Production companies

    Propeller Film [pl]

    Distributing companies

    Kino Świat [pl]


    Cameras and UtilitiesAll For Movies [pl]
    Cameras and UtilitiesFastmedia [pl]
    Cameras and UtilitiesNon Stop Film Service
    GripFilm Factory LTD sp. z o.o.
    Lighting and UtilitiesHeliograf
    Lighting and UtilitiesLuks Film [pl]
    Image (VFX)Circus Digitalis [pl]
    Image (VFX)Orka studio postprodukcyjne


    Award winnerYearAwardCategory 
    Marcin Krzyształowicz2019Camerimage IF Festival [pl]Main Award in Polish Films CompetitionWinner
    Propeller Film [pl]2019Polish Film Festival in America [us]Special Jury AwardWinner
    Adam Bajerski2019Camerimage IF Festival [pl]Main Award in Polish Films CompetitionWinner
    Adam Bajerski2019Polish Society of Cinematographers AwardBest CinematographyNominated
    Robert Czesak2020Polish Film Awards: Eagles [pl]Best Set DesignWinner
    Magdalena Dipont2020Polish Film Awards: Eagles [pl]Best Set DesignWinner
    Magdalena Biedrzycka2020Polish Film Awards: Eagles [pl]Best Costume DesignWinner
    Marcin Krzyształowicz2020Weronika Migoń Award for the Best CastingBest Casting in 2020Winner
    Jarosław Stypa2020Weronika Migoń Award for the Best CastingBest Casting in 2020Winner


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    First showingPolandNetflixMonday, 15/03/2021, 12.03 AM