Projects saved at Crew United

    2019Chichinette - How I accidentally became a SpyDocumentary
    2018MännerfreundschaftenDocumentary Feature
    2018The Reports on Sarah and SaleemFeature FilmDeutschland
    2016En attendant les hirondelles / Until the Birds ReturnFeature FilmTheatrical Germany
    2016Dark Blue GirlFeature FilmDeutschland
    2016Layla M.Feature FilmDeutschland
    2016Überleben in NeuköllnDocumentary Feature
    2016The CakemakerFeature FilmVerleih Deutschland
    2015Une maison sans toitFeature Film
    2015LovebirdShort Film
    2015Non essere cattivo / Don't Be BadFeature Film
    2015Clash / EshtebakFeature FilmGermany
    2014FadoFeature FilmDeutschland
    2014TaurusFeature Film
    2014Treppe AufwärtsFeature Film
    2014Babai - Mein VaterFeature Film
    2014Alki AlkiFeature Film
    2014Desire will set you freeFeature Film
    2014TomcatFeature FilmDeutschland